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  • Newbie from Atlanta, GA!

    Hi All! I am looking to go to school for grooming. I am currently a medical office manager looking for a career change. I like my job, but I don't love my job. I have always wanted to go to school for grooming several times in my life, however timing or self-cofidence didn't allow it, then. I am ready now!!

    I am in the "researching schools" stage. I was looking at International Academy of Pet Design as I could easily commute to them. Has anyone been to this schoool for a tour recently? I understand that management has changed hands int he last year or so? Any info or PM's would be helpful.

    Graywood Academy would bea dream, but I'm not sure the commute to Newnan would work.

    Okay... now I'm babbling... Hi alll!!! ::wave::

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    Pet Design

    Hello, I went to international academy of pet design almost 2 years ago. They have been through a lot of changes recently. If it were me, I would go take a tour and really talk to them, to see if it has gotten any better or not. I have not been there in quiet some time, so it would be nice to get some recent feed back. :-) Btw, Welcome aboard!! I believe there is another school in atlanta area too, besides pet design, but am not sure what it is called or if it is better or not. Happy school hunting! :-)


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      My opinion


      Honestly, the commute to Graywood may be more difficult, but the quality of the education will be well worth it. When you leave Graywood you will have your dermatech certification from the ISCC. All you will have when you are done at ISPD is a certificate that they print there at the school saying you completed 1000 hours.

      I suggest touring both schools to see what each is about. What is the class room time like(lecture verus hands on) and how are the classes set up? Do they have handouts and share information with you? Is it x amount of weeks learning to bathe, and then hands on training and the lectures are done while you are doing the grooming (and not able to pay full attention)? Do they introduce you to your tools and teach you how to use them? What is more important to them - how long it takes you to get a dog done, or the correct way to groom/handle a dog and the acknowledge the speed will come in time?

      Oh, another thought - ask around at the local grooming shops and get their opinion about each school. Find out what they like and dislike about the graduates from each. Just remember is that it's easy for schools to make promises, but they may not keep them.


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        Hi and welcome! I went to Graywood in 2008. I rented an apartment in Newnan . I'll send you a PM.


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          volunteer a day 1st

          What part of Atlanta are you in? I would suggest spending a day at a pet salon to get a feel for it and see what you think! I know of one - my sister in law owns it - where you could do just that! interested?