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Hello All from new member in the UK

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  • Hello All from new member in the UK

    I have been reading all the posts with great interest and can't wait to start posting with all my list. I have recently qualified in the UK and am working 2 days a week doing work experience in a busy salon to get my skill and speed up to scratch before I go it alone!!!! I am traveling to Southern Spain on Monday to look at an existing salon run by a British lady who wishes to return home with a view to taking it over around May. This gives me 12 weeks to get myself together. Dog grooming is completely new to me and although I have gained a level 2 qualification, there is so much to take in and it is proving a lot harder than I initially thought but I am really enjoying it. I have come to this career in my late 40's so it is a massive change in direction for me. Any help, advise etc is most welcome and I look forward to being an active member.

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    Good for you!

    Welcome, glad you are enjoying this site and your new career. Yes, the beginning is strange because it's new, and there are new things all the time. I think it takes about 5 years before you have really seen so much that very little phases you and you feel more sure about what to do with coat type, dog behavior, etc.

    Is it so much more advantageous there to buy your own place right away? I'm asking because it is usually advised to work with more experienced groomers for a couple of years before going out on your own, at least over here in North America.

    Anyway, whatever you do, keep enjoying it!!


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      new member

      Hi there

      Yes this is a wonderfull website. Its just so good to read all the threads and the groomers have some wonderful advice. I am also originally from the UK (London and Devon) and have been living in NZ for 13 years and grooming for 4. I came to grooming late too. How exciting the opportunity to groom in Spain. Gets hot over there in the Summer so plenty of clip off's!! Advice - hmmm have some good scissors and a good pair of thinning shears. Be a kind and ethical groomer (I am sure you are anyway). You will learn heaps more in the coming years - good luck.


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        New Venture

        Thanks DebbieDogs. I agree that more time with an experienced groomer would be the ideal but it is very difficult to find positions like that grooming in the UK. At present I am working for free to build up my knowledge. The business I am considering apparently has enough work for 2 groomers, so I envisage taking on a more experienced groomer if this is the case and have posted an ad from which I am starting to get responses. I have been self employed for many years so running the business side does not phase me.