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Hello All from the great green north of Ontario

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  • Hello All from the great green north of Ontario

    Good day all just thought I would say hi. I have been lurking around for over a year and I thought it was time to come out of the shadows.

    I live in Ontario, although it's barely recognizable these days. It's the end of January and we have a rain storm going on outside right now and nota flake of snow can be found anywhere. It figures really because I finally have a warm warm winter coat for those 6 am bus stop waits.

    A bit about me, I am 40 something, closer to 40 then 50 and I have worked with animals my entire life. I started out by opening my own pet store when I was 18. Yep 18, I didnt know a thing except that I loved animals and it was a fun fun disaster. If I were to advise anyone in life it would your own business when you are way too young so if it is a disaster it wont be too bad lol. I did sell the store and business at 20 to go work as a vet assistant. That lead to becoming a RVT and managing a vet hospital for 6 years. Working in an emergency Vet clinic again...something for the young. Lots of work, lots of action but eventually the emotional got to me and I just needed a break. Managed a couple of pet shops, and when I had my son at 29 I left the whole kit and caboodle and became a nanny. At 35 he went to school full days and I went back to what I loved. I opened a pet shop.

    We opened our doors in November and in Feb I became pregnant. I spent almost a year building a lovely business but when my daughter was born, I couldnt put her into daycare and bringing her to work was not working at I sold the business.

    Fast forward to 41. Darling daughter is in school full days and I am itching to get my hands into something that barks, or hisses, or meows. After a great deal of thought the answer was dog grooming and here I am.

    I have been grooming for a couple of years now, the dogs are looking better finally, my equiipment is slowly upgrading, I have some very happy request clients, I think they are silly..between you and I..I wouldnt request me LOL. I know animals inside and out but I fail at artistry..I am learning but well. At least I am not hacking away at fur like a mad woman anymore and my poodles look nice .

    I have 2 kids, a husband and a small mixed breed Max, and a bestest friend ever. I love dogs, reptiles and birds and the only thing nonanimal related I love to do is geocache.

    I love grooming...seriously love it, nothing is better then starting with a puppy and a year later they have been coming in nce a month and your face is covered with kisses. I love taking dogs who are scared to death and teaching them that its all ok.

    I HATE cutting toenails.

    When I was in my early twenties in the clinic I was doing nails on a toy poodle cross and he whipped around like lightening and bit my face, efficiently ripping my lower lip off. Not all of it, but half and 3 surgeries later I still have a scar.

    Anyhow, it is nice to meet you all, I will not be far away.

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    Welcome and we have the same weather here in NY. Rain no snow,very dreary. Grooming is great fun..toenaiils are OK for me been doing them 25 years but hate it when they go donw your shirt,in your shoe or even upyour nostril- yes I have had that happen! Always fun here lots to learn never a silly question but there are silly answers!


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      Hello, Canuck!

      Haha - the great green north in January, that IS funny considering how cold and white Ontario usually is at this time!

      As I mentioned in another response to you (your "rock/hard place" post), I am from Ontario originally. Have spent 8 years on the west coast (aaaahh, beautiful), visit family as often as possible in Ontario, and now live in Florida.

      Sounds like you will have fun grooming and growing in this profession. Enjoy!


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        Hello and welcome. Been to Canada twice for dog shows. Enjoyed it tremendously!


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          Hello from another Ontarian (sp?)

          Hi! Nice to hear from another 40 something, (although I am getting VERY close to 50) relatively new groomer, who is also enjoying (NOT!) the endless rain in Ontario today. I identified with your background and mid-life career redirection. I worked in human health care, first as an RN, then as a Registered Social Worker for about 10 years, before giving it up to do a Vet Assistant program, and work at the local Humane Society. Loved that in many ways but got a big case of "compassion fatigue" and couldn't deal with the emotional demands any more. Have always worked with a variety of different animal types, and trained and shown dogs, so decided to start my own business as a (house call) groomer.

          I loved your honesty about not thinking you were the best groomer for clients to refer others too-that is my frame of mind exactly, especially since I've only been doing this for a year and some days despair of ever being a good groomer.

          I'll watch for your posts!


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            Hi and welcome to the forum, I just joined recently too. I am in my 40s too. I have been a groomer for over 2o or more years and worked at pet stores and vets. i could never have a job without animals. It would be too boring for me. i am from Ontario too. See you around.


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              Thank you for the warm welcomes everyone. I have been reading more then ever and learning as i go. Today I did the first wet shave in our salon and wow..did it ever help! Can't wait to try more things I read about.

              Nice to find such a sharing community.


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                Welcome aboard.

                I'm in Ontario as well. Glad to hear that you're enjoying perusing the threads. I love wet-shaving as well. It's been a great help with all the matted messes I get. I work out of a Vet Hospital, so I end up with quite a few OAY (once a year) and TAY (twice a year) dogs.
                "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go." ~Dr. Seuss


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                  Hi Corisa! Hi Topknot! I'm in Ottawa!


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                    Hi there, welcome to the forum! I am from northern Ontario as well. I am in Muskoka and in my 40's as well. How far north are you!!