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  • Howdy from Singapore!

    Hello! I am loving all the great tips and links on this site - thought I'd finally officially say hello. I'm going to be needing lots of advice in the coming months as I am about to start grooming dogs out of my apartment here in Singapore. My hubby and I moved here from Houston at the first of January and are living in a very nice complex with lots of doggy neighbors.

    Since I have only ever worked in a shop I'm a bit anxious about going it alone - any advice??

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    Haha, wondered about the "Howdy"

    I had to look, since someone from Singapore was greeting with a "howdy". Aha! You are a Texas transplant!

    Well, what an adventure. Nope, don't really have advice if you are already a groomer. The difference is going to be interpretation of client's expectations, I guess. I used to do a lot of dogs belonging to people from Hong Kong when I lived in Toronto (Canada). A lot of them wanted "short-short". That's how they said it, with a double-barrelled word. They kept their dogs wonderfully, I loved those clients!!

    Have fun!


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