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  • Hello!!

    I'm the Mom of 5 doggies from South Florida, and a professional Photographer by trade. I grew up showing Samoyeds and Siberian Huskies, whom I had to groom all the time. Currently 4 of my 5 dogs are "big" and short haired (Bloodhounds and Pointers) so grooming isn't much of an issue. However my only little dog is a Pomeranian and I have forgotten much of what I know about grooming and handling him. I stink at it so consequently he's developing issues with the brush :-( I'm very interested in learning as much as I can about handling the dogs and grooming (without it becoming a profession) because we're photographing more and more dogs all the time, and its knowledge that will transfer well into my business.

    Thank you all for being here!!!

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    I have just joined this sight myself can't stay off of it. It is wonderful I have leaned alot just by reading the threads.


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      Hi and welcome. I've been grooming for a long time, but I think photography if you're good at it is so cool. I just play with my little digital and take lots more than I need. Hopefully I get one that looks halfway decent.