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Hi, I'm an owner of a Hybrid Pom/ Terrier...

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  • Hi, I'm an owner of a Hybrid Pom/ Terrier...

    Hi Everyone,

    Looking for tips on grooming this lil fella. We're told his mother was a Yorkie and his father a Pomeranian. He's our little bear/Ewok, lol.

    If you think you might have any great ideas, I'd love to hear them
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    I don't have any grooming suggestions for you, but I wanted to say: That is one very cute puppy.
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      From the pic, he looks cute kind of scruffy. I'd just neaten him up with thinning shears periodically and maybe eveny once in a while run an e-comb. I personally wouldn't want to loose all that personality that he has. Adorable!!


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        I agree with neatening her up, and if it were me Id keep her long and brush her. Maybe clean up her face. Although, I did have fun with my little dog, I even tried a lowchen lion clip and it's adorable!


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          Establish a relationship with a professional groomer in you area now, while the pup is young. Its best for them to learn good grooming manners early in my opinion. Also, brush and comb at home according to your new groomers recommendations.


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            He is very cute. I would just neaten hm also, and keep him natural looking, just neat.
            Get him to a good groomer and establish a relationship NOW. This way he accepts grooming, and thinks of his groomer as his buddy.
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              What everyone else I would just tidy up that puppy coat and wait till he is a little older and his coat changes (if it changes) to experiment w/different clips.

              Beautiful little puppy! I think it's great that you are taking such a proactive interest in his grooming needs.

              Some little things you can do at home to help him get "conditioned" for the groomer is to get him used to being brushed/combed and having his feet and face handled. You can ask the groomer that you decide on what kind of brush or comb would be best for your puppy.
              SheilaB from SC


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                He very cute!!! I am the mom of a scruffy mixed breed and when I 1st got him I tried several different styles. I finally decided he looks better scruffy,,,lol. I keep his feet, face around the eyes and sani on his belly neatened,, but other than that he is a glorious scruffy terrier!!!! I agree, I would find a groomer now, so he can get used to being groomed.