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    My name is Pam & I'm New to the website and to grooming. I Have been around dogs my whole life. Just started grooming about 6 mos. ago I went through grooming school and have started working at a vets office. I have most of my breeds down pretty good but would like to have my Bichons looking better. I love doing them. The ones I get though are a matted mess. Is there an easier way to dematt? I cut through and comb and use a dematting tool or if the the dog is really bad it's a total shave down. If any one has any advise I would love to here from you.

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    I'm with ya on the bischon thing! I know a lot of groomers, including myself that the bischon is not the breed that comes the most natural as far as grooming. With the matted ones, and the god knows thats the majority, I get stuck doing a variety of options. I do the normal dematt, shave out really bad ones (the swiss pattern as I call it), thinning shear but the coolest thing someone turned me onto was wet shaving. If the dog is really matted try shaving it wet. Whatever blade you use will actually leave two sizes longer wet. Hence a #30 will leave the coat more like a #10 when you finsh and dry the coat. It has been REALLY helpful with the matted pelts I have to shave, at least this way the dog doesn't end up looking as buzzed down and the owners are happier. Check out the blog PAWSTAPET, last entry was all about wet shaving.

    Good luck with ya grooming! Just remember you WILL make mistakes, we all did and do, but its the only way to learn and will only help you get better in the long run.


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      Welcome aboard. Yeah, a Bichon is not the easiest to do. Most of mine come in matted and never look like they are supposed to. Good luck to you.


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        Hi there

        Thanks guys the encouragement helps I think we should all support each other. God only knows that our jobs are not what every one thinks. We don't just play with dogs and cats all day.


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          I LOVE grooming bichons (and poodles). When I first worked in a shop, a lady brought her bichon in to be scissored every 2 weeks. She kept him pristine and he was such a doll! Now I cant help but love them all, even the demons.