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  • Hello all

    My name in Dale, I have been offically grooming for about 6 years. My mother tought me everything I know. Growing up, my mom had her own shop and I can remember helping her day in and day out in the summer. Bathing, answering phones you name it. When I was 18 she set me free in to the grooming world. I currently have 2 part time jobs in the Sacramento, ca area.

    I live with my Husband, 4 dogs and a ferret. The ferret in the best behaved. One day we hope to move somewhere in Oregon, where I will hopefully start a rescue/ bording/ grooming shop ha. ahhh, to dream big

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    Welcome aboard Dale! Luv your avatar. Pretty


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      Welcome aboard. Glad you're here. Good luck later with your dreams. Don't give up on them. Most of us started with a dream and here we are.