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hello ! I'm a new member in search of expertise from mobile dog groomers

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  • hello ! I'm a new member in search of expertise from mobile dog groomers

    Greetings: I am looking at retiring from the military and what I am interested in is investing into a "mobile dog grooming service". I have been researching sites and finally thought the best way to venture is to chat and talk with the best and those already in the business. I do not want to make bad investment mistakes and would really appreciate input from each you. I will start a file with the thoughts and ideas and the "How to?" begin process. My marketable area is approximately 55,000 geographical rural / suburban but that does not include close neighboring counties. There are several mobile dog groomers outside a 50 mile radius who cannot pick up any new dogs/service due to demand. Of course i am starting from scratch and have never had my own business.....I do not know where to start. But I have researched "one" school that I found in Knoxville, TN which is about 4 1/2 hours from my middle tn region. I'm figuring I can enroll in a on-site school - do not really trust the online courses - then look at investing into a mobile van? I could really use ya'lls ideas and opinions and past experiences - thanks much - Jody from Tennessee !

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    Hi Jody - welcome! I don't have any info for you as I am doing the same thing you are - collecting information because I too want to start a mobile business. However, I can say, I have learned a lot of things from this site already and I too will be taking an online course. I recommend looking at the on-line school sites that a mentioned here. I have the school I am going to "attend" nailed down to two. Now, to figure out exactly which school I want to get my certificate from and get moving on it. Anyway, good luck and congrats on your new venture!


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      Dog Grooming is not just a business job, it’s a “calling”. You had better LOVE dogs, not only yours, but everyone else’s too. My best advise is to invest in the time, travel and money to get into the best grooming school available. After school, work for someone for a year to “get the hang of grooming” in all situations. Make sure you are committed to spending big bucks to get a mobile. Then do your homework, searching other web sites, on how to build a good site, advertising, fees, services, etc. To succeed, this can not be a flash in the pan idea, but a real commitment, mentally, physically, and monetarily.
      Good Luck and

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        Welcome. Try to spend a little money and order the book from Ellen, Go Mobile and Succeed. It's got lots of info in it about mobile grooming from someone who is an avid mobiler.


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          Hope this will help!

          Like they already said, its ALOT more than a job....You have it or you dont.....Grooming all together is an art, and a wear and tear on your body. I have a mobile and I love it, but I also grad. from school in '02, and worked in a shop a few yrs to learn EVERYTHING!!! I wouldnt recommend moving to fast. It is alot of work. Im not trying to scare you out of this, just sharing some thoughts. But good luck to you and I hope you take your time and find out if mobile grooming is right for you!!


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            I went to dog grooming school, but apprenticed with a couple different people after school. I think that if you could do that it would be the best option to learn the ins and out of grooming different dogs, dealing with problems, owners, etc. I almost always had someone that I was teaching while I worked at a shop. It worked good for the shop, and for my pocket book. Expect to make very little while you learn, but when you do finally get your mobile set up you can do okay.



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              Hi, I'm from TN and I attended the Concord School of Grooming in Knoxville. I wouldn't trade the money I spent going to school there for nothing; it was priceless. If you want to give me a call and I would be happy to talk to you about the schooling or running a mobile. I have my own mobile now and things are going great. While I'm not as experienced as many other people on here I can share what I have learned up until now. You can get my number off of my website. Just go to my profile.