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  • Hello!

    Hi everyone! Glad I found a board with people who share a similar love for grooming and dogs .

    I'm Katie, picked up grooming 3 years ago as a job while in college. Fell in love with it and have continued even after graduating. My experience to some I'm sure is very unqualified, but that is part of the reason why I am here.

    I groom at a Pet..something and have for 3 years. I was a bather/brusher for 2 years and after 3 months of grooming training became a quote.. "stylist".

    Now I know in the world of grooming this is looked down upon by many, but I don't think it was time wasted. I've learned a lot, but I want to learn more.

    Could anyone tell me where I would get started in getting professionally trained, or becoming "certified" in the eyes of the grooming world? I heard somewhere that you need to get certified every year? Or is that only if you own your own shop? If it's any help I live in Massachusetts.

    I look forward to my future on this board and thanks for reading my little story!! I have also attached a picture of my wire-fox terrier rescue Marley, who also says hello! Happy New Year everyone!
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    Hi Katie, and welcome! Marley is extremely cute...but I am a little concerned about what he may be watching on the computer? He looks a little too attentive and appears to have a "Playbichon" magazine on the desk...with no adult supervision. Keep an eye on that one!

    As far as Continuing Education...there are tons of avenues available these days...DVDs by the top professionals in the field, Seminars, this forum and all the brains, talent and skill it has smooshed into it. Endless information for enquiring minds!

    DVDs are an easy and practical enough way to start expanding on what you have already learned.

    Keep poking around the forum...keep asking questions.

    Certification is a choice, and there are several different organizations that support further training in many different aspects of grooming and have different levels of certification.
    I hope some others with more specifics will chime in and help with the specifics on that.
    Otherwise...I just start making stuff up...and nobody wants that.

    Good luck to you!
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      What a great start-

      Your smart and lucky- smart to have realized that you can do something you love and lucky to have that WIRE FOX ( the best practice dog :-D)! I'm not biased or anything... having had many myself.
      You are in Mass where there are many many professional handlers. Seek them out and see if you can get an apprenticeship. It's a different world from the big box world and will take you to a whole new level. Go to the dog shows and poke around. It's a blast to learn about the different methods and breeds- and even tho there are tons of videos and books out there - you gotta be in it to win it. Hands on.
      Have fun and toss a ball to Marly for me


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        Welcome to this site.

        The advice that Sibes and Auntie gave is spot on.

        When I started out many many years ago I just learned the bascis working for someone. Went to my first dog show in 1969 and were my eyes ever opened to beautiful dogs and beautiful grooming. So anywhoo, I got invloved in showing poodles and learned so much from that experience and working with knowledgeable groomers, one in particular from Holland was my mentor for years.