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  • Hello!

    I've been lurking around here for a while picking up tips and tricks, but I finally created an account a little while ago and posted for the first time today!

    I'm a freelance, part-time, semi-hobbyist photographer, and my assistant is my year-and-12-days-old Miniature Schnauzer Katie. She's the only dog I groom, and puts up with my experimenting and constant "come here so I can fix this little bit up.. and that one.. and this too". She's a bundle of energy and CONSTANT BARKING, but she still manages to get snuggles and scratches whenever she wants

    I would love to groom either as a part-time job or volunteering at our local shelter, but unfortunately allergies and a medical condition preventing me from sitting or standing for any length of time makes that unlikely for the time being. I do have a shih-tzu and a miniature poodle in my extended family, however, so I hope I can coax their 'parents' into letting me have a go now and then.

    I wasn't originally thinking I would be posting much, seeing as my grooming expertise is nil, but I thought I might be able to help out a little in the photos category. I know how hard it is to get good before/after photos with a little camera in the bad lighting conditions indoors - not to mention of fidgety dogs - so I figure the least I can do in exchange for some grooming advice is to dole out some photo pointers if needed!

    Of course, photos are needed now...
    [b]First photo:[/b] Katie @12 weeks, after her first blowdry... she was none too impressed!

    [b]Second photo:[/b] @4 1/2 months (in full un-groomed fuzz) on her first day as Photographer's Assistant. She did an excellent job of yanking on my arm when I was trying to shoot - I attach her leash to my belt now
    [i](taken by a relative with my little camera)[/i]
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    Welcome. Hope you enjoy it here. Good luck!