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So excited about my future career!

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  • So excited about my future career!

    Hey guys, April from South Carolina here! Anyone from SC here? I'm sure this will help me get my groomer talk off my chest and save my hubby an ear ache. LOL... he's not interested in dogs and animals as much as me, so he kinda has that "oh, really, umm hmm.. yeah I know..." thing going on haha. Sooo, finally someone to be excited with me! I start school in January and I CAN'T WAIT!!! School is going to be half the fun of grooming! I hope this program teaches what I need to know.. it's only a year... does that sound right? I can also take a vet tech program at the same time. In fact, it's what I'm going to do. It's what most people in the Small Animal Care program at Greenville Tech do. I was going to try to get on at PetSmart, but after hearing horrible stories, and a 2 year contract rumor proven true, I don't think that is the route for me. So, that's about it! I hope to hear back from a couple of you! (Or more, hehe)

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    Hi, I'm from Greenville. Good luck on your new career! I attended the Tech program, but the only cross over class I took was nutrition, I HATE needles, blood and all the stuff techs have to Even the 1st chapter of nutrition made me gag, learning about the digestive tract,, I'm such a wuss. Have fun & keep us posted on your progress.


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      I love to hear the enthusiasm from “groomers to be”. You have made the right choice in choosing a grooming school. Follow up with purchasing a ton of DVD’s from professional stylists such as Jodi Murphy, ( and Szecco & Scruggs (, you will be referring back to them the rest of your grooming career, AND never buy “cheap” when it comes to your equipment or supplies.
      Good luck and……….

      Happy Clipping until 2040 !!

      Dolly’s Barking Bubbles, LLC


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        Rudyroo - Wow It's so cool to have someone so close to me! And that went through the same program I'm going through! I'm taking Animal Nutrition too. This semester, online. I hated to do it online, but it conflicted with the other stuff.

        Ohhh, youre not a wuss lol. I don't mind the blood and other stuff, but I'm not so sure about needles and the euthansia part. But I figure if I don't work in a shelter I won't have to watch a healthy happy animal be put down. Only those who need it. But I'll have to do needles if I do the vet tech classes... I'm glad I don't have to decide right now since my first semester is all grooming except for animal nutrition, but I really think nutrition has a lot to do with how the coat and skin looks... so that's why I wanted to take it, and just to know for myself. I also wanna take vet med terminology. It'll help in my grooming career.

        Dolly - yes, I 'm very excited! Thank you! I will keep ya'll updated!


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          Welcome to you! [looking left. looking right. I don't see any huskies????]

          Good luck at school...sure wish they had programs like that when I learned to groom!
          Keep us posted and have fun!
          Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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            Welcome to the board, husky lover.


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              Helloooo fellow South Carolinian!! I live in the Lake Greenwood area. I used to live in your area in Blue Ridge about 15 years ago. I really liked that area but DH loves the lake. Anyway I am a mobile groomer and went to SC school of Dog Grooming. I know you're going to do fine and enjoy the time you spend in school.
              Dolly is absolutely right in getting all the videos that you can. I love Jodi Murphy.
              We are having a get together for SC groomers in Salley on January 16 if you're interested. I don't know if the plans are set in stone yet but keep an eye out on the board. We had a get together in November and had a pretty good turn out and a new groomer came and she had a lot of questions and seemed to have learned a lot.
              Lots of excellent groomers here on this board that will give lots of info and advice. Good place to be.
              Warning!! This board is very addictive.LOL
              "In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog."


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                I know my name is a little misleading Sibes... *bows head* I am ashamed, lol. But, the thing is, Siberian Huskies are my all time favorite AKC breed. Such beautiful, elegant, sturdy, STUBBORN, easily bored, roaming escape artists they are! They will make you laugh! I had a husky named Kody that I got from a NC breeder I met at the Siberian Husky Nationals. I was a teen and he was a 4 month old double brown eyed BEAUTY... but I lost my job and couldn't afford him, so I gave him to a lady with a Boxer and a fence. I think he's wayyy better off, I didn't have a fence and was scared to death to let him off lead to run... never in my right mind would I do that with a husky! He was so bored. I miss him dearly, and I want another one but I already have a big dog, two I couldn't handle unless we had a big yard with a fence! For my next dog, I might get my UKC favorite breed, Alaskan Klee Kai (mini alaskan huskies)... they have Siberian, Schipperke, and American Eskimo in them, but they are nothing like Sibes... except the looks somewhat. Theyre wayyy smaller, and not escape artists, so if one got out, they'd come right back, hehe.

                But... I shall still post pics of him!!! I have tons LOL... I still look at them a LOT... haha.


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                  Try to attend Atlanta Pet Fair in March. I'm not sure how far it is from you but it is a wonderful show. Certainly worth the drive and great for newbies. A lot of us will be there. Hopefully we can all meet for another Mexican dinner on Saturday night. We'll take you under our wing.


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                    [QUOTE=huskylover103;373798]Rudyroo - Nutrition too. This semester, online. I hated to do it online, but it conflicted with the other stuff.

                    I took several classes online & loved it. Back then I was working fulltime and going to the hands on classes 2 nights a week. I had alot of 12 hr days. Most Sat & Sundays were spent in my jammies in front of the computer studying. Know what the hardest part was, spelling!!! I was out sick the day God passed out the ability to spell. Learing all the breeds and learning how to spell them the correcty was a major pain in the a**. On the test, even if you get the breed right, but spelled it wrong you got a big 0. If you left off the word "dog", on GSD,, you got a 0,,,,lol, Hope you are a better speller then me!


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                      Thanks Wetnoze! I probably can't make the Atlanta thing, but Ima try!

                      Rudyroo, I'm a pretty good speller and I know a heck of a lot of breeds, so I'll focus on the ones I don't know LOL... Thanks! And also thanks for telling me about the online thing, I thought I'd hate it.


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                        Welcome Husky Lover and fellow South Carolinian. So you are from Grrrrr? I am in Pendleton which is in Anderson county, about 45 min from you. Hope you find this board to be as helpful and entertaining as I do.

                        Oh yeah, if you find Huskies to be an amusing and entertaining breed wait till you get to know our own 4sibes a little better. She is more amusing and entertaining than a dozen drunk
                        SheilaB from SC


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                          HAHA, yep I'm in Grrrrrr! I can't believe someone on here knows it's called that LOL!!! I'm from Gaffney, born in Spartanburg, raised in Gaffney, so I know both pretty well.

                          Oh yes, I've seen stuff from Sibes, it IS pretty entertaining, I know I'm going to LOVE reading her posts LOL!!! She is pretty hilarious, I love people like that haha.


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                            Originally posted by sheilabgroomer View Post
                            She is more amusing and entertaining than a dozen drunk sibes......
                            ...or sheila on skis.

                            Actually, Sheila on skis is prolly alot MORE entertaining than a dozen drunk sibes.....

                            Initially I was worried about her having appropriate insurance coverage...I now worry about those in her path.

                            I'm staying out of VA until she leaves......
                            Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.