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    Hi, I'm new on here and looking for any and all info. regarding mobile grooming. I've been grooming since 1995 and have been wanting a mobile unit since I started. Money has always been an issue. I now groom from my home salon. The problem is I live in a very rural setting and getting clients to come to out to the country is difficult. I have quite a few loyal clients and getting new ones all the time, but the work is not steady at all. I've recently started carrying pet products that my own pets enjoy and that's working out great. I reeeealy want a mobile unit. There is at least 2 other mobile units in the nearby larger towns and they are booked up for a year!!

    So, here I am, gathering information on this site. I hope to get a trailer soon and join the ranks of all you mobile groomers. Thanks for having me.

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    Welcome. I am mobile and also work at a salon until the mobile gets established. Started around Nov. 1. I am also very rural and get lots of calls at least 45minutes or more away. Some are price shoppers. Sometimes it can be frustrating. Mobiles in your area booked out so far, could be good for you if they will refer their overflow. Look for previous threads for more info on mobile everything. Good luck!


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      Rule #1 about the mobile unit: Get your OWN mechanic to evaluate it for you. Don't take the seller's word everything works great.
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        Originally posted by Smart-n-Pretty View Post
        Rule #1 about the mobile unit: Get your OWN mechanic to evaluate it for you. Don't take the seller's word everything works great.
        Absolutely! When I bought my old gal I had the owner take her to a local mechanic (since I was 5 hours away) and I called the mechanic myself to get the report. The only thing that was wrong was the king pins???? I think that's what it was called and the owner had them fixed immediately. Then as soon as I got it back to NY I had my own mechanic look at it again, get it inspected etc. Amazingly, with all the issues I've posted about, it passed everything with flying colors when I bought her! On the way from PA to NY the indicator light to the left turn signal on the dash did burn out, but the blinker itself still works!

        Also, if you buy a used van from someone take notes when they are explaining how things work. The poor seller, I contacted her so many times because I couldn't remember what switch did what! A lot of my issues in the beginning were just ignorance related.
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