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  • New Member saying hello and asking questions

    I just joined the forum and would appreciate some input.
    I'm switching careers from a corporate interior designer (offices) to dog groomer. I've been washing dogs at my local dog spa for 4 months and love it. I also foster dogs. The more dogs around me, the happier I am.
    Question: How does one determine the best dog grooming school since they all have different criteria and licenses are not given? Does anyone know about South Carolina School of Dog Grooming or New York City Dog Grooming? Those are the two I'm considering.
    Thank you.

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    Don't know anything about either school,,,,, just wanted to say hi & welcome.


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      Try posting this in the Career Seeker section. You'll get more results there than here. I'm apprentice/self-taught, so I can't help you on schools. Sorry.
      And HELLO!


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        You are in an area that at least you have schools. If you are unshure of a school then see if you can apprentis where you work and learn that way. you can go for sertification later. I personlel went with one of the box stores and traided a year of work for my training. Good luck and welcome to the board.


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          I'm assuming you're in SC. So why come to NYC? If you are going to pay room & board, it sure would be cheaper in another locale.


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            Hey, I'm new here from Greer, SC and I'm about to be attending Greenville Technical College for their grooming program. I've only heard good things, and it's ALOT closer than the SC School of Dog Grooming, if it's the one I'm thinking about! The program is one year, and most people place right into it (as in you don't have to take extra stuff to get into it) but some have to take an extra english or math. It's at the Northwest Campus in Berea... and just type in Greenville Techincal College to go to their website, and find the program to see more info. Welcome and we can be newbies together!