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Hi, I'm Sarah from CT

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  • Hi, I'm Sarah from CT

    Hello all!

    My name is Sarah. I live in CT. I am a very big animal person. I myself have 2 dogs, 4 cats and 5 ferrets. I am a kennel/doggie daycare attendant full time. I also have a part time job bathing at a different place of employment. In the coming month's I am hopefully going to be switching full time to the bather/grooming assistant and be learning how to groom.

    I do have a bit of grooming experience so I'm expecting to learn the book part of grooming- basically the breed standards, technical terms, more about tools (which blades to use for which length). This will lead me to my certification and then hopefully from their I can go on my own.

    I am also hoping to go to school and get my certification and later a degree to have experience as a veterinary technician. I would like to be able to accomplish quite a bit actually as I'm not sure as to what I fully want to do, I just know it will be working closely with animals.

    The daycare has allowed me some experience training and the aspects of dog psychology. Though I find being in such a large daycare exhausting, and have recently been interested in getting back into grooming. I previously worked in a smaller daycare and was grooming for half of the day mostly bathing, doing shave downs and learning basic scissoring techniques. I only did this for a few weeks before I took my current job for the benefits being promised new opportunities. I don't dislike my job and I am grateful for all the experience with elderly animals and learning more about possible complications of dogs in an overnight situation, but am not sure it's the right place for my to be happiest.

    I think somewhere in the back of my mind I'd dream having my own doggie daycare and more recently having a grooming business along with the daycare, with possibly a boarding option. Though I do think its funny that I am generally a cat person, I can't help finding myself working so closely with dogs.

    So I'm here for my future grooming experience and to learn and later pass on that knowledge! (I'm not usually so positive or nearly as chipper, but I'm feeling in a very motivated mood.)


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    Welcome, if you have any questions, let me know. there is a very good network in CT.
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      Actually if you could read my other threads, I have some questions about which items I should be getting first and what kind of quality I should start off with/where to get the best prices.




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        This is a good place to soak in lots of good information and get lots of great advice.

        What part of CT are you in?


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          Right in the Hartford area. Is there any trade shows coming around soon?