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    Hi everyone, I am new here, I am not a groomer however my daughter currently works at a salon as a bather and loves it...she wants to become a
    groomer...the owner of the shop has started teacher her and is willing to train her and teach her everthing she knows. I am new to the business end of grooming and have a few questions. The woman who owns the shop is very good at what she does, the shop has a wonderful reputation and is always busy. Should I let her professionally train her (she is not a master groomer) or enroll her in a grooming school....there is a significant difference in the prices of the programs also..She is willing to do it (no matter how long it takes) for about half of what the closest school is charging....Please help me any advice will be greatly appreciated....thanks Deb

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    You can do it either way, but if she wants to run her own shop someday,
    school would be the way to go I would think.
    There is nothing wrong with being taught by another groomer, if they have the knowlege to pass on, but some were also taught by another groomer, who was taught by another groomer, with no way to tell what they really know.
    Picking a school is hard to do, as some are kind of run shoddy, and don't really want to teach you, as much as take your money and turn out bathers, and assistants. For sure if you go the school way, go with the best and the most hours in a program you can find. Not just the closest to home.
    Get the lowest student to teacher ratio, and check those backrounds.
    Teachers should have several years of experience, not just one of the last graduating class membersthat can't find a job anywhere else.
    Talk to the past graduates, they will tell you exactly what you want to know.


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      I would say go for it! I know that there can be advangtages and disadvantages to both, though. Personally, I was trained by a groomer. From what I understand most schools really only cover the basics. For more extensive things she will probably learn that in a shop atmosphere. If this lady is willing to teach her for a fair amount, then I think it's a great idea!

      Of, course it all depends on the place, but if you like and trust the owner, and she is fair, and good at what she does, than why not?

      Good luck with whatever you decide!
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        I think school is good, cause you get a lot of instruction, but working in a shop is good cause you get a lot of experience. If she goes the school route I'd say definately work in a shop or two or three before she goes on her own, if at all possible. I learned from a groomer who graduated from Nash Acad. in NJ, so I know she was well trained. Then I also worked with several other groomers, some good, some not so good after that. However I always learned a lot at each shop I worked at. I guess I'm partial to apprenticeship, but either way is good. Also depends on how qualified the school is.
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          DO both!