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    Hey, I am a groomer in Western Washington, been doing it for about 4 years. Love my job! Super excited about showing my Sheltie soon his name is Seamus MacAngus...just waiting to get his coat and for his shoulder set to relax.

    Just bought new Laube clippers (and a whole pile of new grooming toys) wondering what everyone thinks of them was using Andis before.

    I'm excited to get to know everybody. I love having opinions from other groomers because talking to people who don't understand the job is no


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    I use Andis too. Let me know what you think of the Laube.

    Oh, and welcome! From VA!


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      Welcome. This is an awesome place. I use Andis clippers, so I can't give an opinion on Laube. Sometimes the equipment you use is all personal preference. Good luck!


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        Hi there,
        I've used Andis and Laube. Laube were the first clippers I used and as far a getting a nasty dog stripped they are the clipper for the job. Have to pay attention to the heat on your blade tho. I have both mini's and micro mini's and am happy with them both. I've used them for ten years now and they are still running.


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          Hope my Laubes last ten far I like them, but they are very different and there seems to be a learning curve. My Andis clippers just kept breaking and are so loud had to try something new lol.


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            Welcome and I have used andis, wahl and oster, by far for me, laube is the best! But it is a personal preference thing.


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              Welcome =)
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                Well I've owned four pair of Laube and they never lasted more than 6 months before something went on them. When they work they are the bomb. But I have had my andis, well my last 3 pair all made it about 10-11 years before giving up the ghost. It's been well over 10 years since I had Laube, after 4 pair I will not buy another and I'm happy with my Andis, but perhaps they improved the design. i didn't like the fact that I had to modify many of my blades to get them to fit and then they wouldn't fit my other clippers, didn't like that no one local knew how to work on them, didn't like the fact that my sharpener told me that they were too powerful for the blades on the market which is why I kept cracking sockets and needing them sharpened so often. I rarely get a dog is such severe condition I would need the power of the Laube, but I also have switchblades which are good if I need some extra power. Not as powerful as the laube, but I think can still strip down a matted mess pretty quickly. I know some people you'd have to pry their Laubes out of the cold dead hands, but they were not for me. And I take good care of my clippers. Always had tons of compliments from my sharpener about all my stuff.
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