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    Newbies are you finding it hard to get a job? If so, any suggestions on how to stay actively grooming?

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    I'm originally from NJ and even though I may have stones thrown towards me... Petsmart is a great option. That's where I am now and love it. I know they have a bad rep sometimes but at least in the store I work at we employ GOOD groomers. My manager had me as a bather for a year before she sent me to grooming school. Where I work I have groomers (plural) who have been grooming as long as I've been alive. Trust me, if you want work and have experience apply there and go speak with the grooming manager.


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      Thanks, I have put in for positions(bather,asst groomer, groomer) at petsomethings. They tell me to go online fill out an application which I did with no success.


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        Like I said, bug the manager. Tell them you have experience. Sell yourself well.


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          Where are you in Jersey??? I live in South Jersey and have worked for Petsmart for the last 5 years. My salon is amazing and I work with an awesome team of groomers. Just like Andrew said you have to be really persistent once you fill out the online application. Go in person to any of the locations that you are willing to work at and introduce yourself to the grooming manager. You can also ask to speak to the operations manager who is the main boss of the entire store. Tell them you filled out an app on-line and ask if they are doing any hiring. There are so many stores around that even if that store isn't hiring they will let you know who is in the area and who you can speak with. I have literally 8 Petsmarts all within 15 minutes of each other and all the salons work with each other as far as being staffed. Good luck!!!!


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            What would you do?

            I went on an interview today at 8am, well I got home at 6pm. I started in one shop and ended my day 40 miles from home at the other shop. The owner has 2 shops with no groomers left, they all quit. I did most of the 12 baths ,did the prep on 6 dogs and started the finish on 3 dogs.
            I'm hired I think because she wants me back tomorrow doing the same thing start in one shop at 8am which is 26 miles away leave there at 12pm and finish my day in the other shop which is 40 miles away from my home end at 5pm get home at 6pm. She lives 3 miles away from the second shop. And I don't know what the pay is.

            Does this sound right??????? Is it because I want a job so bad that I'm not looking at this correctly. What would you do?


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              lots of driving...

              That sounds like a lot of driving to do and a lot of work. Why did all the other groomer's quit? And quit right now before the holiday season? I think I would be very leary of this situation especially if you are new to grooming.


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                The groomers quit to open they're own shop. She's a nice woman who is 4 mos pregnant but I have to be honest with her today. I don't want to just get the experience and leave her that wouldn't be right. Her intention is for me to follow her to both stores then for me to work in the shop that is 80 miles roundtrip and as much as I need a job it would not be worth it for me. The wear and tear on my car, the gas and tolls, it just doesn't make sense.
                It a shame because the one shop I started in is where I would like to work even though that's 52 miles roundtrip, its in a nice area and I'm familiar with it.