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  • schmoomom

    Hi I am also new to this site. I have been grooming in CA in my own shops and FL for others, almost 20 yrs. I retired and then couldn't stand it and went back to work part time. There has been a subject being discussed and I thought I would get better information from here. The subject is the addition of Dawn (dish detergent) to every shampoo, including flea, citrus, oatmeal and medicated. Perhaps there might be a veternarian dermatoligst among the members. Is this practice dangerous or harmful? I would be very interested in any information you have and also your view and thoughts.

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    Why do that?

    For deskunking you can use a very small amount with baking soda a nd peroxide. I don't rermember measurements. Any shampoo smothers fleas. Best Shot with spearmint, if left on ten or more minutes will kill fles by smothering them.. To degrease a dog Griminator is great and for dogs. I see no reason to add Dawn because good shampoos, and there are many, don't need anything else and could ruin the quality they offer.There was a time when dawn degreased,but now there are better soaps made for dogs.


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      Hi and welcome. Why would you add it to every shampoo?