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hi, im new here (:

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  • hi, im new here (:

    hey yall. my name is kendra and i've been a bather forrr three years now; corporate junkie for two years, followed by two little and local salons in the past year. i've been apprentice grooming under the radar and on the side this whole time, and i just accepted a job as the one and only groomer for a vet's office :O! everyone keeps telling me that i'm a really good groomer, but i feel like i'm grooming at my actual level; apprentice. so i'm here, looking for any advice i can get on ways to hone and refine my talent. grooming is my ultimate passion..i've known from the first moment that i stepped into a salon that this is what i would do for the rest of my life (and i'm only 20!). my ultimate goal is to move to new orleans and open an upscale salon and daycare. i also want to rescue and rehab, especially pit bulls. but first i need to be the best groomer i can.. haha what is this, groom-army?

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    Cute intro

    You sound like fun, and you will obviously do well.

    Besides many of the DVD's (like Jay Scruggs/Sue Zecko, Jodi Murphy), one of the most fun ways to look at great grooming is GO TO DOG SHOWS! I mean the AKC conformation shows - best thing I ever did after learning to groom! Talk about having the visual for your breed standards, plus you can walk around where the dogs are being groomed and see some tricks and lots of finesse work - whew!

    And then go to conventions, etc. - lots of ways to keep learning and adding to your bag of tricks...

    Have fun!