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    Hi my name is Brenda and I am a bather brusher but going to grooming school in april. My question is this: Has anyone gone thru their employers for grooming? I work for Petco. It is only a 3 week program. I'm a little nervous. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks~


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    I have my own shop and went to school for almost 500hrs.
    Keep an open mind and do alot of listening and observing..........
    you will find that practical application is the best teacher,once you have learned the basics!....Best to you and keep us updated!


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      Realize that you are not going to learn "eveything" you need to know. Think of it like a crash corse a down load of infromation. School gives you the basic how to's but grooming is an art and a lot of the learning is in the doing. The biggest mistake is thinking your are going to learn it all in school. The best school will only scratch the surface of the possibilities. Its about the basics. So go and learn. Then graduate and learn some more. The learning will never end. Good luck.


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        Oh the other thing is don't forget your bather skills. I saw may of my collegue who saw working as a bather just what they had to do to get to grooming school (in our store we made you bathe for a least 6mo before we would send you to school- just our way not the company's) If you can't do a good bath you can't do a good groom. I saw that mistake alot in new groomers. They had poor "bathing" skills.