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  • Hullo Hullo!

    Warm fuzzy greetings, everyone! I just graduated from Paragon School for Pet Grooming in Michigan (600 hour career program), and I start my first grooming job on Tuesday! :-)

    A little bit about me: I actually went to college for Music Performance (I play the cello) and dropped out because I kept failing the academics classes. I decided I wanted to do something hands on, since I learned much better that way, and also decided that I wanted to work with animals. I've grown up around all sorts of animals (mostly dogs) and have always enjoyed their company. I'm a pretty creative person, and thought I would like the creative aspect of grooming. I really truly enjoyed my time at the school, and I'm so excited to start on Tuesday, and I'm glad this board exists for our rants, tips, stories, and community. :-)

    I have a furchild; 2 year old Kire is an African Basenji, and the light of my life! She's my sassy little girl and does her best to keep me on my toes as well as confuse my friends (I have a friend that calls her a 'Cat, that looks like a Deer, that is somehow a Dog').

    See you 'round the forums!


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    Hey SOS Welcome to the board...we have lots of info, tips and fun, and everyone is great here!! My bestfriend has a basenji, Miss Sada, and your friend, described Sada to a T we do call her cat dog all the time. Well again welcome and enjoy the message board!! Don't be shy!!


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      SOS, welcome.

      I just resturned Friday from one of Melissa Verplank's seminars. Hope you learned a lot from her school. Congrats on so quickly finding a job, too.

      Come to these boards a lot, you'll learn a lot, it's great! WELCOME ABOARD!

      Tammy in Utah
      Groomers Helper Affiliate


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        Hi SOS!

        I'm a sighthound lover too! And one of my best friends also has a Basenji. Her name is Amira. We go to shows together and she gets along great with my Afghan puppy. I'm new too, so I can't wait to get involved in all the threads!


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          Anyone Starting Out Is Lucky To Have Forum

          Oh how lucky you are to have forum. If it was around when I was new with just my car and grooming gear, I would have been so much happier. I didn't know about snap on combs for quite a while, as the man I worked for just used a modified skip 7F for poodle legs. No Clipper Vacs then. No advice on which van to get. I got bad advice and got ripped off on first van. Yiou can sue out of state...too expensive so on and so forth,.I love my Odyssey, but it needs a new floor. Kwik-Stop stains floors and everything it touches. Hey, Helly,, I wonder if Barkeepers would help. Sprinkle and scrub in...I think I'll try it. I've done everything else.Any questions you have, ask here, you will get quick experienced answers fast. This board is active with regulars on every day, like chatterbox,me. You will soon recognize us. Checknout member lists. I go from a-z and look at photos and profiles as well as # of posts. Helly knows tons of info and Spikey too and they are so funny...others too, too many to mention.And....we share your love of animals.Then there is Stephen, the webmaster with his books and wealth of info. You hit the jackpot girl. All the info you will ever need at your fingertips! Join us, we're friendly. And Truthful.