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  • Hi, Im Kind of new

    I have not been here in a very long time (about 2 years)
    I am a professional obedience Dog trainer for 20 years and I have been grooming dogs for about the last 6 years.

    I also am a moderator and a dog training advice contributor on another dog web site (I'm not giveing names).

    I live in America right now but in a few months I will be moving back overseas with My Husband.

    It is nice to meet you all. have a great day.

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    Hi SuziJ and Welcome back to the board! The board is lucky to have you...Hope you have time to post often.


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      Oh hey Thank You!
      My Husband and I spent 5 years in Germany where I had My own grooming business and training business (I also train My own personal dogs ( a Boxer pup 8 months and 3 1/2 yr old GSD for protection)

      I have been able to work with a few German groomers while living over there, there is a large differece in the small towns anyway between grooming there and here.


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        Hi Suzi and welcome!
        Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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          Hi back at ya lauren.


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            Suzi it's good to see you back!! I bet some of the posters from the original board remember you. Haven't seen Stone Cold for quite some time, though. LOL.


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              Well I have been back In country for 10 months, had a bit of a hard itme finding a job that I would fit into nicely. tried to get into the Dog training side here but we just could not afford it with me not working.Never mind the competetions for the working dog sports being 50.00 dollars each phase.

              The owner of the training web site I help to Moderate has said that I should have opened a grooming/ training shop on My own. But I thought that I should at least work for someone first for a year to get updated with styles and to hone My skills. Little did I know that Jelousy runs deep.
              I had one groomer tell me that you can not HV dry( forced air dry) By hand weaton terriers? I tried to tell her it is all in the training and any dog can be trained to accept all grooming practices! She still Insisted that Weatons can not be hand dryed and that they would bite your head off if you tried? Yah O.k what ever! I love a challenge!

              It is good to be back also and I am already learning alot to help me reopen My grooming business leagally when I get back to Germany. .

              I love the new board! It is very close to manage as the dog training one I help to moderate.