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Hello from ChiTown - Go Bears!!!

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  • Hello from ChiTown - Go Bears!!!

    I absolutely luv this board -- -almost as much as I luv grooving I mean grooming in this fab town where I came from Little Rock. Was only able to get $20/hr there but these big city folk are paying me $75.00 for a wash and set!!!! They call it the doggie do!

    Luv and peace 2 u all!
    - Terry

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    Hi Terry and Welcome to the board!! I love Arkansas - my Dad was born in Little Rock - it's such a small world. Looking forward to reading your posts.


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      Welcome Terri, are you in the city ro burbs? I hope you like it here, the weather is finally turning!
      What does a dog do on it's day off?


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        Im also in Chitown;] I love the place I work so far, great money, but too much shop drama, haha.


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          Thanks to all

          the groovy sweet people for welcoming me to Chicago. I thought it was going to be warmer tho Still is beautiful and business is good -- never knew there were so many pampered poochies in the midwest. Any good trainers out there??

          Today's tuffest customer = a spoiled labradoodle who kept trying to nip at me -- his mummy said to give him treats and he doesn't do that!!!!!

          Sheesh. How are all my fellow chitown groovygroomers...????

          - Terry