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mobile van down.....any help appreciated..

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  • mobile van down.....any help appreciated..

    Fresh water problem.....the water is grey, very very light grey but grey and it has turned several of my white dogs grey...cant believe this is happening to me....and as far as i can figure it must be the tank itself, or is there something i am missing....not only am i concerned with the dogs turning grey and how they look, but what about health concerns....i dont even know what it is....HELP....the tank is aluiminum....going to put in a plastic one tomorrow and hope that fixes the problem..any one ever heard of this happening to anyone else?? thanks!!!

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    You maybe having a chemical reaction with the aluminum tank and the minerals/lime deposits in the water. Have you put any type of chemical in the clean water tank this winter to prevent freezing or anything out of the ordinary? I'm not Mr. Science, but this sounds strange. Is the water you are using come from an outside water spout? If your outside water filtered like the inside water? Have you tried flushing the clean water tank serveral times? Its probably a good thing that you are changing from aluminum to plastic....


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      sounds like electrolisis ,switching to plastic will stop the it if there is current transfering aluminum to another part.Is your tank being used for a ground? If so find another spot to ground what ever it is or place a real ground wire to the body/frame of the vehicle. Sometimes it is called electroplating but with out the chemicals it doesnt work so well just makes gray muck. Salt will break down aluminum as well but it would take a lot of salt in you tank and be more of a white ish oxidation not so much gray as a white.Bleach same reaction as salt.There are zinc chunks used in marine aplications to prevent it but in you case you should fix the problem by going to a plastic tank.