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    Hello everyone. I'm glad I found this forum. I'm on the edge of making a decision as to becoming a mobile dog groomer. It's kind of a risky decision but I'm leaning towards doing it. My wife Debbie and I are both in our early 50's and are both concerned we may be starting this business a little bit late in life. I've spent about 30 years in sales and have what I consider to be good people skills. I'm just basically tired of working for other people along with all the politics involved that go with it. I'll need to quit my current job and was thinking about attending the Paragon Grooming School in Michigan. It will mean about 3 moths away from home and hitting the ground running when I return.

    I've always loved dogs and did all the grooming on Harry, a Wheaten Terrier who was part of our family. We showed him in the ring and I learned out of neccessity to groom him. Groomers in our area at the time didn't want to tackle a Wheaten since they are fairly labor intensive. Plus the fact most of the people in our area that own them, have people trim them that don't know what they are doing. By the time they get done, you don't even know what kind of breed they are. I'm pretty anal when it comes to doing things the correct way.

    Our current dog Kramer, is a 2 year old Wire Haired Pointing Griffon. I consider him more of a wash and wear type of dog compared to Harry. I look forward to learning as much as I can from everyone on here.


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    Hi Steve,
    Welcome and glad you found us! I've read quite a few posts on this board recently from others who have made the same mid-life decision to leave the corporate world and pursue a career in grooming so you're in good company here. Paragon is a reputable grooming school so you'd be making a good choice there too! Wishing you and Debbie much success with your mobile business if you do decide to take the plunge!