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my first day here!!

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  • my first day here!!

    Hi, Im Ruthie and this is my first time posting here. After working at a Hospital for 25 years, I was downsized and was allowed to do what alot of people never get a chance to do, take some time off and really realize what they want to do with their careers. For the last at least 10 years Ive wanted to groom, but didnt have the ambition to go to school and work too. So when I was downsized I was afforded a great opportunity and went to a school 20 minutes away from my house, checked out the program there and decided to go for it. Being 49 and moving to a new career, a very physical one at that, going from a desk job to grooming, and plus having health challenges mixed in, well, I came home many a night and would lay in bed crying from pain and exhaustion. But here I am. 7 months after graduating. I immediatley found a job while I was still in school and they really liked my work. I love being around ones that have been doing this for a long time because they have such great tips to help when I get stuck on something. I cant believe I finally made it. I know this was really my calling for a career, I totally love dogs and making them look so good and feel better, and it makes me feel so good when I see the dogs owner walk in and they are so happy with the cut that they request me for the next time. Im really excited that I found this forum and am very interested in getting a mobile shop together in the very near future. Thanks for listening and I hope I make lots of new friends here too. Ruthie.

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    Welcome Ruthie, glad you joined us! You have made a great career move, well done! Glad you are enjoying it.


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      Congrats Ruthie!

      and Welcome to the forums


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        hi ruthie

        Hello Ruthie and Welcome you have come to the right place I too was new last week but by day 2 well look I just can't get enough Its a great place to find out so many things about dogs here its great for feedback aswell in 1 week I have learn't so many different things to do with grooming that its just Wonderfull and I just know you are going to enjoy it have fun bye


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          Welcome to the Wonderful World of Pet Grooming (or Pet Wrestling as some here call You are defiantately not the first 2nd career person here. There are lots of us that did something totally different for much of our working lives and made the switch (not me though, I am a lifer....hehe). As for the exhaustion from the physical aspect, you will adjust (for the most part...hehe). Just know what your limits are and stick to them. Take small breaks and eat healthy snacks, DON'T eat a big lunch, and drink lots and lots of water. If you are a bit out of shape from having a desk job you may be able to pull out that tiny bikini hiding in the back of your closet yet!!!!

          Make sure to visit this board a lot (it is addicting) and ask any questions you may have. As Helly says, the only dumb question is the one you don't ask!
          SheilaB from SC


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            Hello, and welcome! You will find that quite a few have chosen the same path as you in regards to leaving another field after many years! In fact quite a few have degrees!
            Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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              Hi Ruthie,
              Welcome! Glad you're enjoying your career change! I too left a desk job for grooming, and there have been days when the exhaustion and sore muscles have left me wondering why I did so. But, those days have been greatly outnumbered by other days when I feel so thankful for a career opportunity that allows me to share my love for pets. Wishing you much success with your grooming career!