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  • I'm new

    Hey I'm new here, i stumbled across this website and i think its awesome but how come no one ever goes into the chat room? Anyway just wanted to say hi.

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    German Tiger?

    Hi welcome! No idea why no body goes. I personally never have time, I just try to make it through all the posts!


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      Welcome to the board! I think that sometimes the chat room is pretty empty, but there are other times where it's not. You just have to catch it at the right time.
      Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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        Hello from the UK! Never been on the chat room, i dont get on this site too often so when i do it takes me all night trying to read through all the threads ive missed!


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          I'm in the Chat room right now...nobody but me! I'll usually just go in...sit there...put up "make noise" in a message. But nobody seems to understand that to make noise, you have to click on the musical note and select a sound and send it...its not that I'm usually running around, but if somebody makes noise I'll talk if I'm still in the house. lol


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            Ferret...LOVE your Sig.---TOOO True!!!

            We always seem to have a pair in our Menagerie! Always adoptees, and we've loved them all!!


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              Hi Deutchtiger,
              Welcome! I've never been a big fan of chat rooms, because I type too slow to keep up with everyone else, but for those of you who do enjoy it, maybe if you announced a certain day and time to meet in the chat room, more members would join in. The moderators might already have something like that set up on this board, but I haven't seen any announcements so I'm not sure about that. Just a suggestion.