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Feeling better thanks to cockapoos

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  • Feeling better thanks to cockapoos

    Hi everyone, I've been grooming for 6 months now and the last few days have been awesome. Two cockapoos I did came out so nice I got great praise from my boss. I just wish I had my camera to take pics of before and after. Anyway I love coming here to read posts and know I'm not alone on the "bad days". My confidence is building and my times are getting better.

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    YAY - Good for you twodogs!! Post some pics when you get a cam...Would love to pat you on the back for your hard work. Looking forward to reading your posts!


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      Welcome to the boards:-)


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        Welcome, it's great to hear from the boss when you do good, isn't it?! Feel free to ask questions, and chime in!
        Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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          Way to go!

          Your feelings about yourself as related to grooming will likely wax and wane. How do I know this? LOL...personal experience, and I still go through it (grooming 3 years now), and also because I see some very experienced groomers struggle on occasion too!

          Keep on scissorin'!

          Tammy in Utah
          Groomers Helper Affiliate


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            Hi Twodogs,
            Welcome! I'm glad you have a wonderful boss who is helping build your confidence by giving you a big pat on the back for a job well done! Congratulations!