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First Day of Dog Groom School Yesterday in Connecticut

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  • First Day of Dog Groom School Yesterday in Connecticut

    And I was awake half the night with anxiety thinking I made a mistake and should not have enrolled and stuck with corporate life. Even thought perhaps I should go in this morning a withdraw.

    I know I don't and can't go mobile. Don't want the bother of a van, at least now.

    I am thinking ideally I would like to rent a table so to speak from someone or try to do it out of my home but think it would be good to work for someone in the beginning and get experience and build up a clientelle.

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    In the start of your career you should really work with someone. I graduated from a very good school and I still learned soooo much from my co-workers. Which school are you going to?


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      Hi Samandtweet,
      Congratulations on your first day of grooming school! I hope your nerves settled down once you got there and you enjoyed the experience. Good luck and keep us posted on how you're doing.


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        First Day of Dog Grooming School in Connecticut

        I am going to Connecticut School of Dog Grooming in North Haven


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          Congratulations and Welcome.


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            Congrats and welcome to the board! I can remember all the nightmares I had while learning grooming. My brain wouldn't turn off at night. I kept going over each groom and what blade did what! It gets easier I promise!