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  • Hello from elizo!

    I'm not 'new' to this forum, but in honor of the reopening of this board I thought I would say hello! I have been grooming for seven years now (feels like a lot longer!) and this is a second career for me. I used to be in academia: I even have a some people call me Dr. Dog Groomer...tee hee! Grooming started out as a part time job for me to support me while I wrote my dissertation, but I decided I loved it so much it has become my full time job. I love going to seminars and learning as much as I can from other groomers....forums like this one have been really valuable to me too. Last year I decided to try to get my NCMG from the National Dog Groomers Association, which I am proud to say I finished! I currently work in Dubai, UAE where I have helped set up and run a mobile dog grooming chain. Yes, there are TONS of dogs in the UAE..most people there are British. And the most popular dog there? The English cocker...lucky me...I had only ever groomed one of them before I left to go I do at least one a day!

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    Nice to meet you, Elizo! Thanks so much for posting an introduction even though you're not new to this forum. As someone who is new, it can be a bit discouraging at times feeling like an 'outsider' amongst a group of people who have already had the chance to get to know each other. I appreciate you giving us new members a chance to get to know you better!


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      Welcome Elizo, wow what scholraly people we have:-) I am glad you introduced yourself.


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        Elizo, thank you for introducing yourself. It's an honor to have you here.

        I'd be interested in learning more about the dogs you groom in Dubai.


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          Welcome Back Mama!

          How the heck is sunny Dubai these days? We've missed you here!