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  • Hi, all!

    My name is Kim, I'm a shop owner in Tucson, AZ, and have been grooming for almost 22 years. I'm planning on making the leap to going mobile this summer. I know many of you here from other grooming lists, I usually go by the name of kim_drgn.

    I'm actually not just "RoosMom", but also Duncan and Megan's mom..... the girls are GSPs, Duncan is a Ridgeback. :-)

    I've been surfing the forums, and I think I'll learn alot- glad to be here!

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    Hi Kim,
    Welcome! I recognize your name from another group, because I remember the beautiful tribute you wrote for Rusty, your Scottie client who passed away recently. It touched my heart just reading about how much he meant to you. ((Hugs)) again for your hurting heart. Looking forward to reading your posts to this group too!


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      Thank you!

      I appreciate the welcome, and for understanding how much you can come to care for a fur-client. This forum seems quite active, I think it will be fun here!


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        Welcome Roosmom!


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          Originally posted by RoosMom View Post
          for understanding how much you can come to care for a fur-client.
          It truly is the hardest part of our job. I recently lost a heart client named Spike who I had been grooming for years. After his mom called to tell me the news, I spent the morning having to explain to my other clients why I was crying. It broke my heart so I do understand.

          I have another client named Lucy, a Springer Spaniel, who I've been grooming for years also, and she's stayed with me numerous time while her parents were out of town. I don't think I could love her anymore if she was one of my own.

          In December, her parents broke the news that they were moving at the end of the month. I didn't tell them this, but I struggled briefly with feelings of anger. How could they make such a decision without taking my feelings into consideration? LOL I realize it was irrational thinking on my part, but that was my initial reaction, because I was so upset about having to say goodbye to her.

          They boarded Lucy overnight at a kennel close to where they live now, and Lucy did not handle it well so they decided to make the 3 hour drive back here to bring her to me for grooming and boarding. She stayed with me for a week last month, and I got to groom her again so I'm happy now!


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            Coming to Tucson in spring

            We,AppGA a re coming to Tucson for a groom demo...Think drop coated dogs. Setting up whos' shop it will be. I have never been to Tucson. Want to stay long enough to see Old tucson John Wayne movie sets.Ask Azoci member here for details...all Az groomers.


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              Thanks, guys!

              Appreciate the warm welcomes! Yes, if there's going to be something going on in Tucson, it would be fun to go. My schedule is insane right now, so driving to Phoenix on a regular basis isn't possible for the time being. I am going to go to the Coyote Cluster show at WestWorld in Scottsdale, on March 4th and 5th. I'm not entering a dog (I show in obedience), I'm just going to watch at people's set-ups and get grooming advice out of handlers when they're done with their classes. My mom's going with me, should be fun! Also a nice break from my usual surroundings. Besides, if I'm actually showing, I'm too focused on that to 'make the rounds'.lol


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                Welcome to the board!