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  • Another Newbie!

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Candi, I'm from Olympia/Lacey Washington and I'm currently in Pullman going to WSU. I graduate in December and am looking into a career in pet grooming. There is a grooming school in Marysville that looks professional and I'll probably end up going there soon. (I'm somewhat undecided on pursuing a veterinary technology certificate or doing pet grooming - obviously I want to work hands-on with companion animals) I'm jumping into this grooming idea not knowing much about it so I'm trying to figure out as much as I can while I'm still here at WSU. This looks like a great place to learn about what works for different people and to get an idea of how people feel about the profession. So far I'm getting the idea that it doesn't pay very well but it's rewarding in every other way.

    I also was wondering if anyone can help me with an assignment I have for my Economics class. We were to pick an enterprise and develop a budget - I picked Pet Grooming because I'm interested in it. I made a list of things such as: soaps, blades, combs, etc. to put under my operating costs. I have no idea how much it costs to run a business like this. If anyone could just give me a rough estimate of what they put into their business and in what general areas, like supplies or repairs, etc. (not how much you make or charge or anything!) I would really appriciate it!! I also plan on going to the local groomer to see if she can help me, however, she's closed on weekends.

    Thanks! This looks like a fun forum!
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    Candi, I graduated from UF studying Animal Science. I am totally 100% happy being a groomer.


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      Hi Candi,
      Welcome! Good luck with your schooling!


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        Welcome from another Washingtonian.
        I attended Madeline's Institute in Northern California.
        Totally love grooming, even though somedays my body doesn't.


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            Welcome from another newbie. Looks like we have quite a few members from the State of Washington, that's terrific. I'm nowhere near you ... here in the cold, snowy midwest.

            Pamperedpups recommended an excellent resource for your assignment Good Luck.

            Again, welcome!


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              Thanks for all the warm welcomes!! I got my assignment done using the best guesstimates I could! My professor thought it was great, too!

              I'm really getting excited about grooming. The last few days I've spent researching this has really focused my mind... I've decided completely to go ahead with grooming instead of the vet tech route! It seems SO much more enjoyable. I can't wait to get to grooming school and get out there in the field of Pet Styling!!!