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raleigh, nc or mt. pleasant, sc

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  • raleigh, nc or mt. pleasant, sc

    Is there any groomers out there in these areas or close to them. I am training to become a pet groomer and seriously considering relocating in the next year or two. Can you tell me about the pet grooming job opportunities in these areas or any other info on the areas? Also any suggestions on good pet grooming books to purchase? Thanks for the info.

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    Hi Kayc---I am not in Raleigh or Mt.Pleasant---I am in Charlotte, NC. I can tell you that there are lots of shops here. I am apprenticing at a shop, which is in a town that is ready to explode with new people as there are many new neighborhoods and large corporations that are moving to this area.

    This shop is brand new and yes has its slow days, but I keep reassuring the owner that she is in a great position--the only other groomer is out of her home and is never open from what I am told by new customers.

    So the moral of the story is, look on the outside of big cities, b/c this is where people generally move to get out of traffic, lower taxes etc...

    Good Luck