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  • advertising pet superstores

    I am new to the board, can anyone tell me: one of the pet superstores advertised enormous earning potential between 35k to 50k I was just wondering if those figures are realistic when working for someone.

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    Absolutely able to make that much working for someone else, wether for a private shop or a corporate groom shop.

    with an average groom price of $40.00

    i.e. $20 commission per dog x 35 dogs a week (7 dogs a day) = $700

    $36,400 per year, plus tips of course
    don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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      We have had several groomers in the past report $100K incomes at superstores. They were very experienced and hardworking. I just had one like that who is a friend of mine secure such a contract with one of them too on the East Coast. There are also mobile groomers and one person shop owners that earn $30K to $50K after expenses, lots of them actually. For the record I have salon owners over $250K after expenses, so $30K to $50K being enormous is basically relative to your expectations, so it can be done!


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        wow! I never imagined you could earn that, I have an apprenticeship with a certified groomer, plus I am doing home school and I am so excited to get to work as a groomer, I am really enjoying my training and all the info from all of you thanks for everything.


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          Where I live, $35 - $40k you can't live on that salary, it is considered an entry level salary at a company, but I have heard of people making more than that. I guess that is why I am nervous about going in to grooming and hope that after the first year I can be making more than that. Otherwise, I am afraid I won't be able to make it.


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            These figures are totally real, and more.