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  • Hi, Northern California Here . . .

    Hi I'm new too and also looking into home correspondence courses until I can actually either attend a school or find an apprentice postion ( might even consider Petsomething if all else fails.) I do have a few questions as I am going to purchase some equipment so . . . .

    Hanvey Lipps vs. Groomer's help . . . . anyone ?

    General Equipment Pro Bather vs anything else?

    Also -is anyone interested in Hacienda Grooming Scool thru the Adult Ed Dept in Southern Calif? With what is saved on tuition I figure we can rent a temp apartment - if that appealsto anyone.



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    Lipsystem vs groomer helper

    Okay, I have used both and curently have both in our salons. I find that we tend to prefer the Lipsystem because it can do so much more in my opinion. Yes, it helps prevent bites, but it also supports older dogs hips, helps with dogs that flop everywhere, helps with dogs that constantly move to the other side of the table and helps with lazy butt dogs. I found that the Lipsystem and the helper were both pretty equal in price.


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      Lips vs Groomer's Helper

      Thanks so much . . . . I was leaning towards the Lipps G.


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        Hi Ginny,
        Welcome! I've not tried the Groomer's Helper yet, but I do have the Lipsystem and love it. I also love my Hydrosurge Power Bather, but I've never tried the Pro Bather you mentioned so I can't compare the two. Wishing you much success with your new career!