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    I'm new here. Have you folks learned what the income potential is in dog grooming?

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      Samandtweet---Welcome! I believe its on this site, where you can find an income table. Basically though, most groomers work on a percentage of the total cost of the groom. So lets say the groom cost $40 and you make 50% of that, which would be $20. So if you complete this groom in an hour, then there is what you made on an hourly basis with that animal. However, it takes a while to build up speed, so what my take a seasoned groomer an hour to complete, could take a newbie 2 hours or longer.

      I am in grooming school now and boy is my speed slow. But I am told, practice practice practice!

      Good Luck


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        I love grooming and making commission, this way you decide what you are worth!


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          i have been grooming for nearly 20 years...i make about 6 time what it cost me to run my business...and i am in CA where rents are high.(hope it's o.k. to say that)...not too bad for a 'one man show'...i work alone for the most part, if i had a bather i could count on all the time it would be more.


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            Welcome samandtweet! It is possible to make a nice income from a grooming business. I have just switched careers and am already making what I consider a very nice part time income. I have friends who are talented established groomers and business people who make six figure incomes. I think that if a person wants their grooming business to be lucrative that it is important to aproach the grooming profession as a business person. Best of luck to you!


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              This is one thing I've had trouble with when trying to get an apartment, they need to know your annual slary, so I brought in checks that were in the $700-$800 range and my boss put down $450 (going with the minimum). So the apartment company thought the $700-$800 ones were bi-weekly and I had to explain that it varies, I've grossed $400 some weeks and $900+ other weeks, most weeks are right in the middle. Just be sure to save save save during the holidays when you make good $$$.


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                Gracy Rose

                You can't decide what you are worth because YOU are priceless! I think you are a really cool lady....and from past photo, recent or not, no doubt a beauty also.But I know what you mean.....Glad you are here. Gotta go...having lunch at Applebees!Hope I fit in, my hair is not white.I love people with a sense of humor like yours.