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  • Hello! From Artemis Blue!

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Karen (or Artemis Blue). I am starting the move to change careers from Data Entry to Pet Grooming. I've already read the "from problems to profits" and understood it! All I need is the $$$ to go to school. I enjoy hanging out here and learning.

    I also enjoy making cakes for birthdays, carving pumpkins and rice crispy art. you can check out my stuff here:

    I am also the Queen of our Red Hat society! We have about 8 members and have been around for over a year now.

    I love Pirates! We celebrated 11 years of piracy this year. P-)

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    I owned a mini Schnauzer named Jondalar the Pirate...Pirate for short..what Piracy ..don't know that term. Also my Halle Schn. has a little red hat w/ purple ploom ....milinary is Michaels craft store. Have a pic of her on my phone.She is ready to join the society!Tell us about yourself.


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      Do you mean Pittsburg Pirates? My Pirate was named after PITT PENN PIRATE a big champion mini Schnauzer in his day.I am slow..that must be what you mean.....i WAS A 49ER FAN FROM bAY AREA.


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        I love pirates... as in the (romanticized version) of sea faring buccaneers.
        A lot of people have gotten on the "Pirates are Great" bandwagon in the last couple of years because of Pirates of the Caribbean with Super Cute Captain Jack Sparrow. But I've been interested in pirates since I was a freshman in high school. (11 years ago, I think). It All started with catching the end of Pirates of Penzance on t.v. Now I can recite the whole operetta by heart (classic and '80's version)
        My room is filled with books, toy ships and other booty. hee hee.
        I've even designed my own ship and assigned my friends to crew it.

        It is a humorist coincidence that our local base ball team is the Pirates. It makes reading the news paper difficult. "oh look there's something about "pirates" in the paper today.... oh, they mean the "baseball" team."

        You may also remember me dressing up Tristen II our dog as Captain Jack Sparrow.

        1. practice of a pirate; robbery or illegal violence at sea.

        I was just fired from my Data Entry job on tuesday, cuz I'm the company scapegoat, and am tring to get everything together to start grooming school.

        I'm the youngest of 3 kids, and will turn 26 on Feb 26 (same day as my boyfriend of 4 years). I live at home with my folks and Fluffy (aka Meko) the cat and Tristen II the toy poodle.

        I don't really know what else to say


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          Hi Karen,
          Welcome! I visited your cake decorating website and couldn't help but notice the interesting rice crispy art you did for that bachelorette party. How funny! Sounds like you have some fun hobbies! Hope you're able to start grooming school soon and wishing you much success with your new career!


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            Tee Hee Hee Hee


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              Welcome from Sunny Florida.