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  • Hello from Western NY

    Hello Everyone!
    I'm Gab. from Western NY.
    I have an in home grooming shop.
    I have been grooming for 22 yrs.!
    I learned how to groom from a woman who owned a kennel & grooming shop.
    I started out as a bather & fluffer & went on from there.

    I have always loved annimals,& I also have my Diploma from Graduating Vet. Assitant school.
    I have worked in Animal hospitals also.

    My family consists of myself, my Husband,& 2 sons (16 & 10).
    We have 3 dogs, A Basset Hound, a Boston Terrier, & a Long haired Dachshund.(who by the way had spinal disc surgery, but does walk now).

    We also have 3 cats& 1 hamster. LOL
    Take care,& all the best to everyone,
    Gab. ;-)

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    Hello, in western NY. I am from Northeast PA. I learned too from a woman who learned from a woman , who learned , etc. you get the picture. I went to school and got my associates and became a Veterinary Technician. But my heart was with grooming so I have been grooming on my own for 3 years now. Nice to hear from you, Pam


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      Hi Pam,
      Oh yes, I know North East PA. Not too far from there.
      How cool that you became a VT & decided to groom anyway.
      I'm kind of like that too.
      I figure if I get tired of, or can't groom anymore,the Vet Assistant Diploma
      makes me more marketable.
      Although, working for myself is quite nice! LOL

      All the best,
      Gab. ;-)


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        Hi there Gab and WELCOME! I'm in SW Virginia and am a home grooming salon owner too. Great to meet you and look forward to getting to know you more!


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          Hi Suzie Q,
          Nice to "meet you" too. LOL
          How is the weather there? It's pretty cold & snowy here. YUCK!

          How long have you been grooming?

          I saw your profile. I would like to do one too, but I can't figure out how.

          Anyway,are Lhasas your speciality? Do you own any?
          I don't really specialize in any particular breed, although, I do get lots of compliments on my Schnauzers.

          Well, kids are off to school, & Hubby is working. Time for me to start MY day. LOL

          Take care,
          Gab. ;-)


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            Hi Gab. Welcome.

            I'm in WNY too. Good to see someone else from the area on the board! I have had my shop going into my 4th year, but have been grooming for 15. Started out as a bather, learned a little from the groomer I worked for then went to school.
            I'm married, have a 7 yr old son and another son due 2/26. 3 dogs...Rott mix, St Poo and mini smooth Dachshund, 1 cat, 2 ferrets, 2 water dragons and a bird.


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              I'm in WNY also. Welcome to the board! I have 3 dogs and 3 cats and a new home-based business. (7 months) But I've only been grooming for a year!


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                Hi, welcome!