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  • Hello from Arizona!

    Greetings! I have been hooked on "petgroomer" for a long time, and just recently started reading some of the posts on the forum. Forums are important to keep us together as humans with a common bond. While I don't have time for much socializing, I enjoy the freedom to read posts from time to time, while I have my morning cuppa coffee.

    Now for the introduction. I have been grooming for several decades, mainly for show and rescues. I did heavy coated breeds with bad temperaments and Persian cat rescue. This is where I honed my skills as a groomer and specialty in handling hard to handle pets. Professionally, I have done mobile grooming only, never worked in a shop. Again, in mobile I did the pets that no one wanted to do. Most recently I groomed in the San Francisco bay area, mobile only and specialized in restoring and maintaining difficult coats. Unfortunately we had to return to our ranch in AZ because our caretaker was ill and had to quit. So at present, I am not grooming professionally.

    My husband and I breed/train spotted warmblood and Lipizzan horses. We have sixteen including three stallions. Foaling time is approaching soon and fortunately we have recently hired a caretaking couple to help out. We also have our hands full with several yearlings and two year olds.

    Our canine family consists of a German Shepherd, a Lhasa cross, a Bichon Frise and an Australian Shepherd. My favorite breeds to groom are Lhasas, Pekes, Bichons and short legged terriers. I have done many Airedales as well and had a number of hand stripping clients. I have to agree with other posters that most Poodle owners are not adventurous and only want a basic kennel or puppy clip. And I have to agree that most Bichons have a less than desireable coat or temperament, or the owner simply does not care for the coat in-between grooms. Doing a teenaged Bichon every eight weeks is hard on everyone. I do however enjoy Cockers and other Spaniels. Most Schnauzers have horrible skin, are overweight and have improper coat from years of shaving.

    Thank you for reading my epic introduction, but I had a lot to share! LOL...

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    Originally posted by SapphireBichon View Post
    Thank you for reading my epic introduction, but I had a lot to share! LOL...
    Hi SapphireBichon,
    I enjoyed reading your "epic introduction." It does sound like your ranch keeps you busy. I hope we'll be hearing more from you when time allows.


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      Welcome, there is a Lippizan stable close to my home and I love watching them:-)


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        Welcome back, my dear! I am a neighbor (not sure how close to you) in Gilbert. It seems as though we have had 3 or 4 newbies from AZ just in the last week! I love horses and it sounds like you have quite the set up for them, how fun!!!


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          Hi SaphireBichon! I enjoyed reading your epic introduction as well. Glad to see another Arizonian! Currently we live in Va, but we're from Az where our hearts seem to remain. We miss it so much! Awesome to see you like grooming Lhasa's too, they're my most favorite lil' dogs!! I'm quite passionate about them and can't help but be partial. Welcome to the board - You're so right it is VERY addicting...Looks like we'll be drinking coffee together in the mornings. This board just goes together so well with a good cup of joe!


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            Welcome to the board!


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              I was NO PLACE LIKE HOME in San Mateo, moved here Oct 99'. Did you live in PortolaValley, Woodside, or one such place? Rode English every Wed to break up groom wek. Low 2 ft jumps til 2001. Osteo...Nearly spells oster. I think I have Oster-itis Now laube I subject.Can't go back memories would kill me.Mom gone now.