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  • Hi, I'm from Arizona

    Hello,fellow groomers. I am a new member, but an old groomer. I have amobile grooming van. I have to tell you something funny. I have a litle Miniature Schnauzer, who is young..not two yrs. til Spring. I had in the kitchen. I found her sitting looking at me with my fleece cape around her. Her head was thru one of the arm holes and it just wrapped around her at the neck so cute! She got it off the chair,As if she can..she pulls anything she finds off it. She has a baby sitter my senior Schn. 12 in July. and he not using his right rear leg. Fine at 12:30PM al ,1 month younger, a male also, who is in back bath asleep. My male, Trav, was fine , sleeps on big dog bed Called to go out,and he didn't come /bro4.30PM no wooooo,woooos. quiet from all of them. Never happens.He finally came slowly on three legs..right rear pulled up..he won't use it. I put him on his back and could NOT make it straight. Boys don't fight. Could be serious. Fed & watered in new soft doggie bed. Somehow he managed to turn head -body oposit3 of how I left him hrs ago. I gave him one Ascriptin. Vet tomorrow..Business very slow...I wasn't expecting this expense. First ever illness or problem in all these years.Put grooms off til Wednesday.We have Valley Fever here that there is noprevention for. Catch early and be saved if....symptoms show upsoon nuf.Bacterial virus spores,goes up nose into body. People too can get it and die. Random kilker! prAYERS ARE BEING SAID BY FELLOW GROOMER PAL ON THIS BOARD.I would appreciate any advice you have. As we dog lovers think of our dogs as our children...I have no human ones. You guys know how I feel.

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    I think seeing a veterinarian is the best bet, what if it is only a luxated patella? (kneecap slid out of place). As far as $$, you can see if your vet will work out a payment plan or you could apply for Care Credit, you can read about it online first. I wouldn't get too upset until you know what is happening...we will be thinking of you and your baby!!!


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        Traveler has a fever...saw vet won't saywhat he thinks..waiting for blood test results late tomorrow. Cried...Like loosing Pirate all over again. We know it will come...that day, but he is not 14...12 july2,07. Friend said Hollys' old Dormian like Dorian grey w/ twist. had sim problem...constipated. Fever? all 4 legs won't hold him..slightly para...I asked. knuckles,as he put it not under, but now left L caves in. rubbery. Amox 250 shot and something else. pills am pm tomorrow.took a break w/ American Idol. So stupid til we get to real singers.