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  • Hi from the Bronx New York

    Not a professional groomer yet but I am studying dog grooming. Until September, I was an educational administrator and decided that I wanted to pursue a career that included my love for dogs. So I took early retirement and enrolled with the Nash Academy in NJ. I am currently taking the online courses in preparation for the practical in April. I groom my own dogs at home, and hope to perfect my skills so I can do this professionally. This message board is a great resource.

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    Weclome to the board. I have heard great theing about Nash.


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      Good luck with your studies. And Welcome!


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        Welcome Dogmama! Wishing you much success with your schooling and new career!


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          i also left the teaching field a few months ago. figured if i wanted to deal with animals all day, i should find the real mccoy! nash told me that it would be a 2 month minimum to do the online part of the course, then 6 weeks in new jersey. i was told that the first week in new jersey would deal only with bathing. i thought that was ridiculous (as is their almost 9k price tag- the most expensive of them all. good luck though and keep us posted as to your progress.