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Hi there new groomer from Ireland

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  • Hi there new groomer from Ireland

    I'm new to this so please be gentle, Im 22yrs live in Belfast Been grooming for bout 4yrs passed my city and guilds exam and have just recently purchased my grooming salon which is having some work done to it but it will be open on the 1st March 2007 and I am SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED about it.

    The sign was put up and finished the other day and it is turnin heads which is great. My salon is called K9 Grooming Studio Ltd and the sign looks fantastic black on silver then silver on black looks dead professional even if I do say so myself. Sorry rambling on a bit hope I make some new friends and when I get the pics sorted I'll post them for you all to have a look at if you like?

    Look forward to speaking to you


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    Hi Aimee. It's great to have groomers from other countries joining - the more the merrier! I look forward to seeing your pictures and learning about the grooming world in Ireland! Welcome.


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      Welcome and congrats on your new business!


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        Welcome Aimee. That is really exciting about your new shop. I'm sure you will do very well.


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          Thank you all

          Hi there thank you all for sayin hey it's a bit nerve wrecking meeting new people sometimes of course there'll be pics as soon as I get them sorted then you are all welcome to take a virtual tour of K9 Grooming Studio.

          Of course terry I'll tell you about the way we groom over here I don't think it's to much different just the only main difference is that some people over here are a bit slow on the uptake about there dogs and the way you should do things but hopefully I can re-educate them in most aspects of canine care

          Hopefully I'll do well with the business poodlepal and thanks for all the confidence boosting and friendly comments.


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            Hi Aimee. Welcome to the board and Congratulations on your new shop!! Post some picts of the shop and sign (it sounds beautiful) when you can we would love to see them!! If I am not mistaken I think you are the only groomer on the board from Ireland. I would love to see picts of your grooms. It is always neat to see what other countries (I am in the US) do differently and what breeds are common in your area. Look foreward to reading your posts!
            SheilaB from SC


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              Top o' the mornin' to ya, Aimee! I'm new to this group too so I hope we'll both have fun meeting new people and learning from each other. I look forward to seeing your pics too! Wishing you much success with your new business!

              Sheri B.


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                Welcome Aimee, I am hoping to visit Ireland soon. I have a good friend who lives in Glasgow Scotland and I am trying to plan a trip to visit her and do a tour of Ireland, Scotland and England. Isn't is great, we can lives thousands of miles apart but the internet makes us neighbors.


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                  Hi From Ireland. Do you have lots of West Highland terriers? Scotties? Is that a stupid question? I would LOVE to visit Ireland...beautiul magical ..see on travel tv and scotland.