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  • Newbie from Nj Little Paw

    Well, it took me a bit, but finally figured out how to register. I am BubblesAway sister affectionately now known as Little Paws. I am officially on my own! I have my own mobile business and have been told it is time to go for it by my big sis! She is the best huh? I was supposed to help her just untilshe had hand surgery! CHicken little hasn't done it, and now I am loving this and on my own. She is not only a great teacher, and mentor, but I hope she knows how awesome she is! Not many people in this world would put up with working with family in such small quarters with wet smelly dogs, and proceed to teach their little, much younger sister all their secrets. Sis you truly are my Big sis! Thank you a million times over! Now teach me more! How do I hold those darn scissors again! Thanks to Dawn and Lisa BarknPurr for your support to and MarynCharlie! Haven't gotten my mosquito net yet, but I will! I'll keep you all informed as I go. BubblesAway is keeping me quite busy along with my own clients, can't wait to quit my day job~

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    Hi Little Paws from NJ

    Wow, what a nice sister you are to acknowledge big sis.

    Kind of sounded like an Oscar


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      How Did I miss this one!

      Ok, So Little Paws is my Little Sis.. But I can still run circles around my table faster then she can.. Yes it is fun working with u sis. Getting me soaked, Blowing hair up my nose, Splattering poop on the wall and driving me nuts holding the scissors like bandage scissor ( that one drove me nuts). Asking why the scissor won't cut, hint works best when used the right way, not backwards in your hand. I kinda miss those days ya no! However it was time to move out on your own.. But u are always welcome to hitch a ride anytime..
      PS, No need for Hand surgery now. I gave you all my big Dogs.. Nice sis Iam hua? Love ya too.. Wish you the best. Sis


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        Isn't family great:-) Welcome!


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          How cool, two sisters working together. I think it would be fun. But me and my sis get on each others nerves way too fast so I know it wouldnt work for me LOL