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wagn tails vs hanvey

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  • wagn tails vs hanvey

    wanted to hear what other mobile groomers out there think of hanvey vans....have a wagn' tails and like it tons but thinking of changing due to mileage/gas costs. Anybody have a hanvey?

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    I'm having problems posting, so my apologies if this is sent multiple times.

    As far as the type of vehicle used, the Sprinter is a love it or hate it kind of vehicle. 50% love it because it's cost efficient, 50% hate it because the vehicle itself doesn't hold up. I've heard many people complain that it's broken down on them several times. My boss had one and the engine blew up on her at 16,000 miles and the Dodge company kept saying they'll fix it and not replace it. It's been in the shop at least 6 or 7 times since then. So if you get a good vehicle, I'm sure you'd love it. I'm going WnT personally.


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      Rev is right. The two vans are so totally different that people seem to really lean one way or another. I have a WNT, but the big plusses I see for the Hanvey are the inverters and deisel. I have also heard from people (ones that have a Hanvey for things other than mobile grooming), that the money they save in gas is made up in repairs, noting especially the brakes.

      The interiors are very different too. For me I like the light, "happy" feeling I get when I'm in it. When I was in the Hanvey van it felt too industrial for my tastes, and it wasn't high enough (I'm almost 6 ft and I felt like my head was going to hit the ceiling).
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        Personally if I had it to do over again, and Hanvey Specialty Engineering was making vans I'd have to go with a Hanvey! They weren't making vans when I purchased mine. Curtis is an Engineer (who doesn't ACT like one-stiff and stodgy he's most certainly NOT!!) and all of his equipment is very well thought out for longevity and simplicity. Both manufacturers have their strong points. What I like about a Hanvey is the design, maintenance and ease of cleaning. Plus they use inverters instead of generators! The company really stands behind what they sell and will go out of their way to help you out---even AFTER the warranty has expired! Shoot, Curtis will even help you out with other manufacturers' equipment---who else will do that for you? Customer Service Excellence is a motto they live by not just a pretty sounding slogan. The quality of the Sprinter base WAS an issue but not now-that issue has been resolved and all is good to go. If you do decide to get another van you won't go wrong with a Hanvey IMO. My ONLY beef with them is they weren't doing vans when I got mine


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          I am not sure why my post did not appear, so here it goes again:-)

          I have a Sprinter: Yes, at one time Sprinters had a horrid reputation that was back when they had the freightliner name. Today, their performance is highly ranked as steady and trustworthy. You can research this on the internet. Also, the SPrinter is now the most in demand cargo vehicle.
          I get 26.7 mpg diesel and love it.

          Last May I decided to purchase a mobile vehicle, I contacted three companies

          Hanvey directed me to their website where all of my questions were answered, they then followed up with a call to answer any other questions I may have.

          WNT- Said they would send me a packet of info, (edited for being a consumer sales issue, we don't post ALL THAT DETAIL DETAIL here where the manufacturer is not informed so they can respond, that is between you and them, not a public board that is not a consumer board. It's hearsay and not appropriate). You can simply say, I prefer Hanvey over WNT and that's fine.

          Lastly, there was Ultimate who I still have never heard from.

          I decided on Hanvey, I am looking at adding another mobile and will only go with Hanvey. Curtis and Lorraine have kept in touch and hekoed with any questions. My hubby is also an engineer and tends to be geeky (bless his heart) and he and Curtis spent a day playing with the gadgets on my van. If my hubby has a question about how things work he e-mails Curtis. My hubby has NEVER been overly invloved in any job of mine and because of Curtis taking his time, I actually enjoy talking to my hubby about grooming. If you want pictures or have questions please feel free to ask me:-)


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            i have a Hanvey van and absolutely love it. My sprinter is under the Freightliner label and I only had one problem major problem ... the alternator died and Chrysler-Dailmer replaced it under warranty.

            The Hanvey design is very simple and easy to trouble shoot problems over the phone with Curtis' guidance. It also is very easy to clean the salon.

            I don't know why, but I get approx. 9 miles to the gallon. I had the service department check my van out and all systems are running as designed.