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  • Ivac boo boo

    I love my IVAC, except for days like today. I was grooming a mini poodle that I've been doing for about 5 months now. He always comes out really nice because he has a great coat. Well, today I was doing his sanitary, I went down the inside of his thigh, and as I did the hair on the front of the back leg got sucked to the inside . When I turned off the clipper and looked at the sad...hardly any hair on the front of the leg at the bend. It looked terrible. (The dog gets done in a #1 comb, and it looked like I took a 7 blade to the leg). Luckily the customer was understanding.

    I'll never make that mistake again!
    don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.

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    Oooohh, I hate when things like that happen! Last week I had a little dog in getting a hair cut with a #1 comb. The comb flew off and he ended up with
    a spot that I shaved with a 30 and a CV!! The customer was very understanding, thank goodness!!


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      OH NO!!! I have been looking forward to getting an IVAC, but i think i will practice on my own dogs first! And maybe a few of my friends dogs also!!!
      Thansk God for Good Customers!!


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        "s" happens. Some of us groomers try to be perfect all the time. Do you not think that everyone in every profession has oops. Life goes on



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          One of my groomers was giving a dog clean feet, and the sucked up to much hair, anyway she had to give the dog a highwaters :-) We told the owner that he was getting ready for hurricane season (we live in Florida). She laughed, most clients are understanding, if they are not, then belive me you don't want them :-)