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  • New to the this Board But Not the Website

    My name is Cynthia "Cee" and I live in Fort Worth. I have been reading this new board since it came up and just like the old board, I LOVE IT!! Since I was always a newbie, I contributed my two-cents a couple of times on the old board but on this board, I want to participate more.

    I have been apprenticing and volunteering for over two years now, on the weekends only. I work in the legal field, recently got married and bought a new house, I have one daughter who is a senior in NCHS. My goal for 2007 is to start a gradual transition from corporate to mobile (evenings and weekends). I have been buying every book, dvd and video that my husband's money will allow. I am good on the business side and still practicing on the grooming side. I have the opportunity to practice on my teacup poodle but there is not much to do with my two rotties besides bathe them.

    I have contacted several mobile groomers in the DFW metroplex to do a "ride-along" and have had zero response. They seem not to be very friendly. I am always honest and upfront of my intentions but for some reason I am getting the "icicle" response (same as when I was trying to find someone to mentor me). I never want anyone to feel threaten by my intentions. I wish they were more like the folks on this board but you all seem to be spread out all over the country and that is great too! I would like to have the same comradarie with the DFW mobile groomers like on this board. If there are some friendlies out there, please contact me.

    I don't know each one of you but I truly do LOVE you guys for your pearls of wisdom and direction. More importantly, that you don't mind sharing your successes as well as your failures! Its like MasterCard, PRICELESS!

    It is my honor and privilege to get to know each and everyone of you!

    Be Blessed!

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    Welcome, great 2007 goal!!! Congratulations on the hubby!