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    Hi everyone! I too am new to the trade, though I must confess I am not actually a groomer. After 20 something years as a controller for various businesses and hauling into NYC everyday, I have realized my dream of having my own business- a self service shop with some retail! We also offer to do the bathing, which in this market is more popular than self service.

    So here I am in my second career as a dog washer! And I love it. And seem to be good at it. But I realize now that I will need to hire a groomer pronto because the demand here is so great- I get at least one call a day.

    I've learned SO much reading this site over the last few months. Even when you think you've got the business side down, there's always something new. And I really appreciate the support and camaraderie here- local groomers are not so friendly so far, except for my "angel" mobile groomer whose support was key in my decision to go for it!

    Thank you all already for the knowledge and experience that you share and I hope that I may contribute in such a positive way as well.


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    Welcome Leslie. I own a Self Serve Dog wash as well (although I am groomer).


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      Hi Leslie and WELCOME! I love your website - the pet party idea is so cute! Good luck to you and your new business, see ya around the board!


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        Welcome Leslie, What part of Jersey? I am from the south.


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          Originally posted by bubblesaway View Post
          Welcome Leslie, What part of Jersey? I am from the south.
          Liar liar pants on fire! YOU are from the middle! I am from the south!

          Welcome Leslie! I am mobile in Gloucester County.


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            No Soap your in the BOONIES!


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              I think most of us are kinda in the boonies...but...when you start hearing banjos coming through the woods around here...I'd say you're in the Pineys.


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                Thanks everyone! I am in North Jersey- almost on the NY border in Park Ridge (map is on the website).

                I'm working on tweaking the website now that I've been up and running a while and all suggestions welcome! My girlfriend has a webdesign business and did just about the whole thing with basic input from me.

                We also have a home down the shore, so what do you mean by central? We're looking at places in Forked River right now, selling place in Lavallette.

                I've gotta find a good signature- I love the ones I see on here...


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                  Welcome, I live in the South also. We are all family here. You will love every minute of your time with us. Oh Ferret, just the word Piney sends shivers down my spine! Now they the woods!!
                  Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.- Richard Carlson


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                    Hey Leslie,
                    Welcome! I'm in North Jersey too. Your gonna love it here. I agree the local groomers by me aren't very friendly either. The people on here though are GREAT! Have fun!


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                      Jersey Rocks

                      Dear Dogwashceo,

                      If you ever visit your money in Atlantic City we are in Margate with Lucy the Elephant, Stop in and see us at The Pet Salon.

                      Chuck and Beth


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                        Welcome Leslie from Washington State, Enjoy
                        "Whoever Said That Money Can't Buy Happiness Forgot About Puppies"


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                          Hey Chuck and Beth...I've never seen Lucy- but I'll be in Wildwood first weekend in June for the Elks convention so maybe I can get by for both!

                          There is a conference or show or something that I signed up for in AC in the next couple of months and there's Intergroom in Somerset in April. Anyone going to these? Maybe we should try to do a little "meet and greet"?


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                            Hey there! I'm a groomer in Jersey too. Where are you located?


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                              HI LESLIE,and Welcome,I never groomed in jersey,but I was born and lived in Jersey City,NJ..I left there in 1992...I learn to groom here Tennessee in 1997..but I'm still a jersey girl in heart....and again welcome