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    Hey there,

    On the old board there were some of you who made tables out of the hydraulic scissor carts from Harbor Frieght. I saved the messages and the pics but I have a question. I believe someone made one for in a mobile. I'm wondering if your table top spins. If it does, what did you use to make it spin. I know I could use a lazy suzann or something like that, but how do I make it so it locks? Also, any suggestions on how to keep it stationary on the floor would be great too. I'm thinking I may need to make some kind of frame to mount it to in order to bolt it to the floor. I just bought the cart Sunday, it was on sale for $99 and I have an old grooming table in the basement I'm thinking of taking the top off of to put on the cart. Anyway, just looking for some ideas... Thanks!

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    Mt Sprinter has a table that looks EXACTLY like the one from Harbour Freight. On the floor there is an anchor mounted (from a boating company) and a ratchet type strap to hold the table in place.


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      spinning all the way!

      Hi, yep, I have a special made table, using a scissor hydraulic table cart. AND yes I do have a rotating top, that locks in 12 positions. But I like a freewheeling table top, so I re-designed my Lazy sue table, a 27 inch, that now sits on the 36 in locking top. To see it , go to my web site, lots of photos of the rig and the table. (I'll try and put a photo on here too...if it doesn't work, just go to my web site... ) the locking swivel is from a marine store, boat seat swivel. My 36 inch is also rhino lined. Boy does that work nice. But I like my mat, made from a yoga mat. Washable and lots of colors! Soft and squishy for the dogs.

      Sorry, my photo files are too big, and unfortunatly I havent a clue how to re-size them.


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        Thanks for the info. I'll check into that boat seat swivel. I do some big dogs and I need to be able to lock the table in place.


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          Pam, you are a creative genius!!! I never would have thought of a locking boat seat swivel. I think now a new table may be in my future! I don't mind doing the big guys but I can't get them up onto my DuZee table and it isn't stable with them on it either. Thanks for the tip!!!!


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            spinning all the way!

            Hi Patty! You'll love a spinning table. The locking thing was because in my rig for me to do a dog (me standing) I need to move the table 45 degrees around, other wise I've got my LIPS-wannabe right in my way! Like the face of a clock, I'm at the 3 o'clock position to stand, but to sit I'm at the 6 o'clock position.

            The boat seat mechanism has a shorter handle that I needed with a 36" top, so DH took off the plastic tip thingy and inserted an aluminum rod over the handle-bar and cut the rod so it sticks out just beyond the table. It's important to mount the boat seat at the correct angle so that your locking rod is out of the way but with in easy reach.

            OH! Guess what? I now have my stand dryer at my table side! It fits in the step well (the 3 o'clock position) and it works so darn nice! I can finally get the "shop" finish I like on all my fluffies! Nothing like a fluff dryer with just a bit of heat to "set" that hair straight . Now remember, I do not have a K9 anything, nor would I want one, eats too much power, too noisy, to much volume (force). I have a Kool Dry set right where the intake gets the hot air from my back heater vent off the engine...but still, that's just not the same.

            OK, yeah, I have to step over it when entering or exiting the rig, (and yes I do hang on to something!) But so far I like the advantage of the dryer, doso the disadvantage will be dealt with, still trying to figure out a better place for it...but hay, It snaps up to the table as does my stool, for transport, so that's a plus!


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              Is there anyway to access the old thread with the pics and info that travelinaj is talking about?