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  • Getting nowhere fast

    am very new at this computer stuff. Last nite I got 4hrs sleep if that. Iwas so excited to read and reply- sent many replys,told about self etc. Read a few replys. My heading was freezing in Arizona and freezing products. read those replys- thank you. Then computer shut down and I lost all posts and never got to read replys. This is all con suming and I am getting nowhere fast for all the hrs Fri SAT sUN TIL WEE HRS. NOW YOU MAY NOT HAVE SEEN ANY OF MY QUESTIONS OR MY REPLYS aUGHHH. I AM ALSO BAD AT GETTING UPPER AND LOWER CASE RIGHT. i I AM NOT SCREEMING JUST CANT GET IT RIGHT.sO, GUYS iNEED ASSISTANCE.i EVEN POST-PONED TWO BICHONS TODAY TOO EXHAUSTED. i CANT GET BACK TO OLDER POSTS .Cant be sure i am ot there in more recent hrs. When replys come,I cant get them easily,if at all. Pammmmm Pam Help. Since you read these every day, I wanted to send ya a cute message.I have a clipper vac 2 actuyally. yrs ago when one needed brushes or something i expressed the tot came next am. can't groom without it. I can, but don't want ta. Been groomin mobile long time and mobikle have lots to share. i love this board-if only it weould work for me. So I try again hoping to read replys soon. Maybe by summer I will have it down.Until l1/11/07 never used a computer. I'm doin ok but not good enough. Funny I have no yrouble getting on shopping site tv ones ya know-but cant do this. Can't change my log in name either. Want to be Halle-lulu or sdome cute name i call my schnauzers. Halle, my baby girl Traveler and Jax are age 11 already.

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    ROFLOL!! BTDT when I discovered the boards. Never cancelled an appointment but I sure spent more time on here than I should have There should be some games on your computer that will help you learn to use the mouse and stuff. Typing (keyboarding) takes practice. Have fun


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      Ming Toy, I was new to computers this time last year too. I got my puter for a christmas present to myself. I was the same way, I would get sooooooo frustrated when the stupid thintg didn't do what I wanted it too. Well, before I knew it I got pretty good at using it. Just stick with it and before you know it you will be cruising the internet w/the rest of us!
      SheilaB from SC


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        I bought this computer lap top for myself for birthday the 7th and christmas. It really is worth it for all the info and pals. I am encouraged. Quick reply seems easiest way for me to communicate. i am impatient---only a few days old at this! My back is killing me frm sittin here- want to read them all. Ho can anyone stop? How many days do I have to read replys? Can't do it all in one nite.


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          Ah, that is the joy of not being busy right now. I get to spend lots of time here. Except my hubby said to me today. I wish I was that web site. Guess that means I am here too much.
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            Originally posted by diamienono View Post
            Ah, that is the joy of not being busy right now. I get to spend lots of time here. Except my hubby said to me today. I wish I was that web site. Guess that means I am here too much.
            Too Funny, better go give him some luv!!!
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              Jane, You are doing just fine. You don't have to wait for replies. Every time you log on, you just go back to a thread you are working on or looking at, and read the replies, then send an answer.

              It's not like a chat where you do wait for replies if any one is in the chat room.

              Don't loose sleep over it, or postpone dogs...
              And see!!! I told you , you'd pick it [computer] up and have lots of good groomer buddies !


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                relax it's just a tool you can leave the caps in lower case till you get used the key board.see it does'nt bite you if you type all lower case.
                your profile information like your name and stuff are in the upper left corner under (user cp) you have to be logged in to use it.
                for you it may be easier to log in any way so it is not as hard to read the threads you have an interest in.they read like a long list one after the other post when your logged in just scroll down through them in the main can click on stuff and see what it does or how it changes the way it looks under the tools icon.linear means one after the other to.when you log in the next time it usually goes back to a normal setting at least so far it has.
                learn to use the help on your computor programs ,you can type in a question on most of them.if you dont like the answer you can type in the search feild for it to screw does not help solve anything but it sometimes feels better.
                dont be afraid to ask questions and yes you do have to wait for some one to answer it and there will be times when no one knows the answer so none will be given if that is the case.there is no way to know which is which something could be answered to death just a quick as it can be slow.try to have fun and relax your not paid to play on the computor so dont give up paid work to be on it.It does not expire like milk it will be here when you have time to come back to it.